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    An Easy Test for Sickle Cell Disease

    A team of UConn biomedical engineers, working with colleagues from Yale, MIT, and Harvard, has developed a simple, inexpensive, and quick technique for the diagnosis and monitoring of sickle cell disease that can be used in regions where advanced medical technology and training are scarce.

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    Researchers Aim to Regenerate Human Limbs by 2030

    On Veteran’s Day the University of Connecticut announced the launch of its new grand research challenge: regeneration of a human knee within 7 years, and an entire limb within 15 years. This major international research undertaking, called The HEAL Project, stands for Hartford Engineering a Limb.

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    Lee Langston Receives ASME Sawyer Award

    Mechanical Engineering professor emeritus Lee Langston is the 2015 recipient of the R. Tom Sawyer Award presented by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Forty-three men from all over the world have received the award, which is a major industry honor.

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    Why Context and Context-Driven Decision Support Matters

    Recently, El Faro, a cargo ship heading to San Juan, Puerto Rico, foundered in the Atlantic Ocean off the Bahamas on October 5, 2015 due to Category 4 Hurricane Joaquin. Thirty three crew members remain missing. The captain cut south of the storm, due to the rare occurrence of such storm systems.

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