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    Sikorsky Funds UConn Engineering Scholars

    Through a new initiative by longtime partners Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. and the University of Connecticut School of Engineering, Sikorsky will provide $67,000 in scholarships to selected UConn engineering students this fall.

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    Three Generations of Engineering at UConn

    Robert Valley Sr. began studying Engineering at UConn nearly 70 years ago; he has since been followed by his son, son-in-law and, now, his grandson

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    Grant Will Fund Study On The Genetics Of Addiction

    When it comes to diagnosing substance-related disorders, health care professionals are mostly limited to checking for behavioral and other clinical symptoms – crude tools for a complex condition. But a new study aims to find the genetic causes of those specific symptoms, which could lead to a more

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    UConn’s Formula SAE Race Car Has Its Best Year In Competition

    The UConn car competed against 120 teams from 9 countries at the Michigan International Speedway in Michigan last week

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Aug 28, 2015
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Aug 31, 2015
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Sept 4, 2015
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About Engineering

The School of Engineering at the University of Connecticut is dedicated to excellence in education, research, and professional service. Its mission is to be the primary source of engineering leadership and talent in the state and internationally, to ensure that Connecticut sustains its position as a leading high technology state, and to provide the intellectual and physical resources needed to grow as a center of new and evolving technological activity. To achieve this mission we must offer high-quality engineering education, discover new knowledge, and use our knowledge and experience to improve our state, the nation, and the world.