Sponsor a Senior Design Project

The culminating learning opportunity for UConn Engineering students is the capstone design experience known as Senior Design. Through this one- or two-semester experience, seniors learn about the principles of design, how ethics affect engineering decisions, how professionals communicate ideas and the day-to-day implications of intellectual property.

The program gives students the chance to apply the technical skills they have gained, and to expand their abilities in analysis-based innovation and engineering judgment. Students begin by researching the problem, brainstorming a range of solutions, and meeting with a sponsor to learn more about the company and the project. Students may work individually or as members of a team to develop and refine possible design solutions, build and test a working prototype, write reports and prepare presentations. They work closely with a sponsor throughout the process. Sponsors typically provide financial support, advising and the design challenge.

To explore sponsorship opportunities for Senior Design, please contact the appropriate unit below.

Biomedical Engineering
Details: http://www.bme.uconn.edu/ugrad/bmesendesgn.htm
Contact: Don Peterson, peterson@engr.uconn.edu; (860) 486-5521
Sample Program pdf doc

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Contact: Not Available
Sample Program word document

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Details: http://www.engr.uconn.edu/ece/seniorprogram.php
Contact: John Chandy, chandy@engr.uconn.edu, (860) 486-5047
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Management & Engineering for Manufacturing
Contact: Zbigniew Bzymek, zbig@engr.uconn.edu, (860) 486-2275
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Materials Science & Engineering
Details: http://www.cmbe.engr.uconn.edu/mseundgrcapstone.html
Contact: Hal Brody, brody@ims.uconn.edu; (860) 486-0853
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Mechanical Engineering
Details: http://www.engr.uconn.edu/me/seniordesign/
Contact: Tom Barber, barbertj@engr.uconn.edu; (860) 486-5342
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Entrepreneur in Residence:
Robin Bienemann
Robin Ann Bienemann


"UConn is a great resource for KTI and other Connecticut companies. We take advantage of the Connection and the Innovation Scholar Program, both operated by the School of Engineering, to network and to recruit top engineering students for internships. We are very impressed with their technical skills and ingenuity."
Howard Orr, President
KTI Inc., East Windsor, CT

"UConn is a rich source of cutting-edge technologies, extraordinary technological expertise, smart students and commercial knowhow. Businesses of all sizes, from entrepreneurs to large multinationals, will find UConn to be a hidden gem in Connecticut's 'Quiet Corner.'"
Deb Santy, Director
Small Business Innovation at Connecticut Innovations



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