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Event Scheduled for Nov 16, 2011

Event: Biomedical Innovation: From Concept to Market

Location: ITE-C80

Time: 04:30 pm

Details of Event:
See attached flyer for complete details. Mostafa Analoui received his M.S degree from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois, and his Ph.D. degree from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, followed by Post-Doctoral Fellowship at IBM TJ Watson Research Center in NY. Currently, he is the Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences at The Livingston Group (New York, NY). Previously he was the Senior Director at Pfizer Global Research and Development. Dr. Analoui is actively involved in investment, management and scientific/business development of nanotechnology, drug discovery/development, diagnostic imaging, and global strategies.

Sponsored By: Biomedical Engineering

Pamphlet/Flyer: View file here

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