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Event Scheduled for May 7, 2014

Event: The Role of Theory in Control Practice

Location: UTEB 150

Time: 02:00 pm

Details of Event:
Abstract: More than twenty years ago, I delivered a plenary lecture with the same title at the ACC
in Boston. I will go back and reflect on the successes and failures, on what we have learned and
which problems remain open. The focus will be on constrained control and the real time
implementation of control algorithms. I will comment on the progress we have made and how our
vastly more powerful computational resources have affected the design tools we have at our
disposal. Throughout the lecture, industrial examples from the automotive and power electronics
domains and the industrial energy sector will illustrate the arguments.
Speaker Bio: Manfred Morari was head of the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at ETH Zurich.

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