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Event Scheduled for Nov 1, 2013

Event: BME Seminar: “A Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon's Thoughts on Interdisciplinary Collaboration”

Location: ROWE 320 at Storrs & Videoconference to UCHC-Low Learning Center

Time: 12:20 pm

Details of Event:
“A Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon's Thoughts on Interdisciplinary Collaboration”
Presented By: Dr. Amir Nasir

Abstract: The talk will feature a discussion of problems and opportunities found in clinical and surgical practice with an emphasis on plastic and reconstructive surgery. The speaker is a plastic surgeon with a background in optical engineering who has an interest in developing avenues for collaboration between clinicians, engineers, and basic scientists to come up with novel solutions to problems faced by physicians and their patients. This could result in patents, publications, medical devices, and/or start-ups aimed at helping the wide variety of patients.

Biography: Dr. Amir Nasir is originally from Upstate New York where he graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in Optical Engineering. After college he moved to Colorado and worked as an engineer on, among other things, the correction for the Hubble Space Telescope.
His desire to help others led him to West Africa, where he served in the Peace Corps for two years. The experience and exposure to traditional medical practices led him to Tulane University in New Orleans, where he earned a Master’s degree in Public Health & Tropical Medicine.
Dr. Nasir then went on to the University of Kansas where he earned his medical degree. He was one out of a handful of doctors in the nation to be selected for the prestigious six year integrated plastic surgery residency, in which he was trained in all aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery.
After finishing his residency in the Midwest, Dr. Nasir went on for an additional year of specialized fellowship training at Boston University in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.
Upon completion of his training Dr. Nasir worked as an plastic surgeon in Upstate New York for several years and is delighted to have recently joined UConn Health Center.
Dr. Nasir has participated in international surgical missions in developing nations on a voluntary basis. He has operated on patients with severe burns, cleft palates, traumatic injuries, and congenital disorders. Dr. Nasir has performed many body contouring procedures including thigh lifts, arm lifts, tummy tucks, and liposuction. He also performs a wide variety of breast surgeries including augmentations, reductions, lifts, and breast reconstruction after breast cancer.
Dr. Nasir feels the most important part of any surgery starts with listening to the patient and understanding their needs and goals. He is committed to providing the best possible care to all of his patients. He is especially sensitive to the needs of patients with excess skin from weight loss or after giving childbirth Dr. Nasir likes to be involved in every step of a patient’s care, from preoperative discussions, through postoperative follow-up care.
Dr. Nasir lives in Farmington with his wife, son, and their yellow lab.
He looks forward to meeting with you and helping you achieve your goals!

Sponsored By: Biomedical Engineering

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