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Event Scheduled for Sep 12, 2013

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Event: Microbiologists of UConn

Location: UConn Student Union (Storrs) Room 304B

Time: 02:00 pm

Details of Event:
Please join us at the Microbiologists of UConn

Panel Discussion -- 2pm to 4pm

The field of microbiology is experiencing tremendous excitement and many Colleges/Schools have invested in and expanded upon their personnel that work in this field. Faculty members from CANR, CLAS and Engineering recently decided that it would be worthwhile to gather as many PIs with interest together so that they could learn about/reaffirm their knowledge of each others' existence, learn about a cross-college microbiology seminar series that will be undertaken in 2013/2014, and hear briefly from new hires that will start their careers at UConn in Fall '13. It is our hope that this meeting will catalyze others, formal and informal, to facilitate research collaboration.

Social Networking -- 4pm to 5pm

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