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Event Scheduled for Aug 5, 2013

Event: Masters Thesis Defense: Sampat Nidadavolu (Major Advisor Dr. Donald Peterson) Analysis and Comparison of Parallel Plate Flow Chambers to Determine Consistency of Fluid Forces on Cells

Location: UCHC, Biodynamics Laboratory, Main Conference Room

Time: 10:00 am

Details of Event:
Biological cells are constantly exposed to fluid forces inside the body. These fluid forces aid in certain physical and chemical reactions that cells need to maintain physiological function. To observe these forces in vitro, parallel plate flow chambers (PPFC) are used where cells are placed inside the chamber and a fluid medium runs through the device exposing the cells and initiating response. This has aided in proving that fluid forces effect cell growth and are factors in various disease and physiological growth, such as in the development of atherosclerotic plaque in blood vessels and bone growth. Many designs for PPFCs have been used for various types of flow and flow simulation protocols, such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD), have sometimes been used to determine flow characteristics and to model chamber performance under a specific use. However, nearly all of these chambers are modeled without the presence of biological cells.
In this thesis, CFD was used to compare the fluid performance of current published PPFC designs and determine how reliably they may expose cells to controlled flow conditions. In addition, this thesis used simulations of biological cells placed within a PPFC system and demonstrated that, in designing these chambers and accurately analyzing them, cells must be included into the simulation as the exposure forces are different from the forces seen in a “clean” chamber that contains no cells. Instead of confirming a design that has already been constructed, CFD should be used to optimize the design of a chamber so that its performance is reliable and meets the need of an individual or general application, especially at the cellular level.

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