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Event Scheduled for May 2, 2013

Event: ECE Distinguished Colloquia - Challenges and Opportunities of Renewable Integration - presented by Dr, Joseph Yan, Transmission Planning, Southern California Edison, and an Inductee

Location: Information Technologies Engineering Building (ITEB) room 336

Time: 02:30 pm

Details of Event:

Challenges and Opportunities of Renewable Integration

presented by - Joseph Yan
Transmission Planning, Southern California Edison

ITEB 336, 2:30 to 3:30 pm
Thursday May 2, 2013

Abstract. U.S is experiencing a rapid increasing penetration of variable resources including wind and solar. Especially in California, a 33% of all energy consumed is required to be met by renewable resources by California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard by 2020. In the same time, the environmental policy will result in accelerating retirement of conventional power plants. The combination of high penetration of renewables and environmental policy lead to significant challenges in ensuring reliable, affordable and clean energy future. Variable renewable generation, with low capacity factor and operational uncertainties, adds additional costs to power systems. It can also impact on wholesale electricity prices and returns on investments for conventional generation resources. This presentation gives an overview of California and SCE’s generation portfolio including renewables and examines the challenges and opportunities of renewable integration from the perspectives of power system reliability, affordability, planning, and market operations.

Bio Sketch. Joseph Yan is the Principle Manager of Transmission Planning at Southern California Edison (SCE). For the past decade, he has held a number of managerial positions, leading the strategy development of SCE’s generation portfolios to optimize the value of these resources and reduce the cost of serving its customers. He has also actively engaged in California electricity market stakeholder processes representing SCE and made extraordinary contributions to the development of the day-ahead and real-time markets, capacity market, and virtual bidding. His research interest includes operation research, optimization, unit commitment/scheduling and transaction evaluation, and optimal simultaneous auction in deregulated ISO/RTO markets. Joseph Yan holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Systems Engineering of the University of Connecticut.

Sponsored By: Electrical and Computer Engineering

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