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Event Scheduled for Feb 25, 2013

Event: Seminar in Transportation and Urban Engineering - Guest Speaker: Terrence M. (Terry) Sheehan,Lead U.S. DOT Regional Emergency Transportation Representative, " Lessons Learned from Katrina through Sandy"

Location: Laurel Hall Room 202

Time: 12:00 pm

Details of Event:
"Lessons Learned from Katrina through Sandy" Restoring Normalcy to the Transportation System through Effective Emergency Response" on Monday, February 25, 2013 for the University of Connecticut Engineering Department 2013 Spring Graduate Transportation Seminar series. Mr. Sheehan will present experiences, successes, opportunities for improvement, and prescriptive proposals for government bodies that relate to emergency management planning and engineering. Mr. Sheehan is the lead U.S. DOT Regional Transportation Representative and the lead Federal Emergency Support Function-One (ESF-1) Official in New England, as delineated in the National Response Framework (NRF). The NRF is made up of fifteen ESF’s, and is the Federal government’s all-hazards approach to planning, organizing and responding to a disaster of any kind. In this role, Mr. Sheehan is responsible for getting life saving and life sustaining supplies such as food, water, blankets and generators to affected areas, coordinating the movement of utility crews from other states to affected areas and assisting in organizing housing for responders who were sent on-site. In addition during a disaster, he handles regulatory issues such as trucking hours of service and oversize/overweight cargo waiver and coordination issues, rail, transit and pipeline response and recovery coordination, and Air Space management.

- Bio: Terrence M. (Terry) Sheehan is the US Department of Transportation Regional Emergency Transportation Representative (RETREP) and lead Federal Emergency Support Function – One (ESF-1) official for Region 1, comprising of the six states of New England (CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, and ME). In this capacity, Terry serves as the lead to coordinate, train, and be a liaison to federal, state, local, and tribal emergency management staff to effectively prepare for and execute emergency transportation responsibilities under the National Response Framework. He is on call to be deployed anywhere nationally when a disaster hits. Terry is based out of the USDOT John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, an innovative, Federal, fee-for service organization located in Cambridge, MA.

Terry led the ESF-1 efforts in New York City for Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Irene in 2011, and for the 2010 New England Severe Storms and Floods in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In 2008, he coordinated the Hurricane Gustav New Orleans Rail evacuation and successful return of 2,025 survivors. In 2005, he was instrumental in coordinating the ESF-1 Hurricane Katrina response efforts in Baton Rouge, and coordinated the federal Hurricane Rita Louisiana evacuation, which included developing and executing the evacuation and return plan for 250,000 survivors resulting in not one fatality in Louisiana. His disaster work has earned him the Secretary’s Gold and Silver Medals, and numerous Secretary Team Awards.

A Federal Civil Servant since 1996, Terry previously worked in private sector consulting, at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, and the Boston Mayor’s Office. Terry holds a BA in Mathematics and a BA in Economics from Buffalo State College, a MS in Urban Planning from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan. Terry resides in Ashland, MA with his wife Pat and children Kathryn (a Junior at UConn) and Nolan.

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