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Event Scheduled for Nov 16, 2012

Event: BME Seminar- “Stimulation of Cardiac Differentiation of Stem Cells Using Matrix Stiffness” Presented By: Dr. Jianjun Guan

Location: CB 202 (Laurel Hall)

Time: 03:00 pm

Details of Event:
Matrix stiffness-induced stem cell differentiation has attracted tremendous interest in the regenerative medicine community, as cell differentiation can be simply controlled by matrix physical property, without using complicated biochemical stimulation. However, little is known how to differentiate stem cells into cardiac cells using matrix stiffness. We systematically investigated how cardiac progenitor cells differentiate into cardiac cells in 3D hydrogels and extracellular matrix-mimicking fibrous scaffolds in response to their stiffness. It was found that matrix stiffness can induce cardiac differentiation under normal culture conditions, but not the ischemic condition typical of the damaged hearts. To enable stiffness-induced cardiac differentiation under ischemic conditions, we created several cell prosurvival environments in the matrix and successfully achieved cardiac differentiation.

Sponsored By: Biomedical Engineering

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