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Event Scheduled for Feb 16, 2012

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Event: Innovation Connection

Location: United Technologies Engineering Building, Room 150

Time: 03:00 pm

Details of Event:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

3:00 - 4:00 Update on plans for the Storrs Tech Park
United Technologies Engineering Building (UTEB), room 150

4:00 - 6:00 pm Tours & social networking
UConn Foundation, Board rooms

The networking function will feature the capabilities of the Mechanical, Chemical, Materials & Biomedical Engineering Departments.

Target Audience: Open to All

Sponsored By: Deanery Office

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Kevin Bouley, Nerac
Robin Ann Bienemann, UConn
David R Bonelli, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Nan R. Cooper
P Gregory Mickelson, The Mickelson Company LLC
Igor Anisimov, SmallTalk
Daniel J McMahon, Integrated Growth Advisors, LLC
Chad Crookes, CTC Investments, LLC
Doug Cooper, UConn Engineering
Claire R Leonardi, n/a
Zbigniew M Bzymek, Z.M. Bzymek
Kevin Bouley, Nerac, Inc.
Ken Keegan & Guest(s), Jonal Laboratories, Inc
Deb Santy, CT Innovations
Joseph Rimiller & Guest(s), Urban Engineers, Inc.
Greg Skinger, Pitney Bowes
Aida ghiaei, Uconn
Laurence Vigeant-Langlois, Sikorsky
Douglas C Shidler & Guest(s), Sikorsky Aircraft
Robert Hammett, C.S. Draper Lab
Rainer Hebert, UConn
Alan Harrison, Alan Harrison
Mark Alarie
Thomas Swarr, Thomas Swarr
Mark Broding, Kamatics Corporation
jialan zhang
Yong Wang, Drug Delivery
John Bala, Micro Invasive Technology Inc.
Ryan Brielmann, Ryan Brielmann
Tiffany A St. Bernard & Guest(s), ManyMentors
Jason White
Brian Noonan, West Edge Development
Jeff Mossberg & Guest(s), Jacobs Vehicle Systems
Bill Anderson, Rise an Arcadis Company
Christina Alban, Christina Alban
Kylene Perras, UConn Foundation
Steven N Ernest, Jacobs Vehicle Systems
Helen Charov, CT Invention Convention
Matthew J Noll, UConn
Liz Sainz & Guest(s), The Thomas G. Faria Corporation
Adam Lambert & Guest(s), MTU AENA
Hugh Tansey, Thermo Fisher Scientific
George Bollas, UConn
David R Pepin, Ironwood Capital CT
Hom Sharma, UCONN
Martin Sommer, Self
Susan Froshauer, UConn
Susan Glasspiegel, FIRST
Richard Shaw & Guest(s), UTC Power
JD Osterman, Hallden Systems
Mike Martone, Murtha Cullina LLP
Robert W Coughlin, Emeritus Prof UConn
Mohammad Tehranipoor
Paul Hoar, AgriFuels LLC
Joachim Roesler, New Polymer Systems INC
Steven M Simons, Manitou Systems, Inc.
Martin Melnick, MSCI
David R Pepin, Ironwood Capital CT
Luke Weinstein & Guest(s),
Richard Fu & Guest(s), Agrivolution
Natalie D'Oyen
John R Fantry & Guest(s), nzymSys, Inc.
Vincent Palumbo
Jennifer Muller & Guest(s), MOD
David Richards, Concursive Corp.
John C Bennett, University of Connecticut
Howard Orr, KTI, Inc.
Joe Wehr, DBMI
Ronald Regan & Guest(s), MCergo
Jolina Li, Oh Capture This LLC
rico dence & Guest(s), Love Lending
Richard LoPresti & Guest(s), UIL Holdings, Inc.
Richard LoPresti & Guest(s), UIL Holdings, Inc.
Randall Anway, New Tapestry, LLC
Rich Dino, UConn School of Business
Russell Lowry CFP CWM, Sagemark Consulting
Mai Hamdalla
Fred L Robson, RPM Sustainable Technologies, Inc.
Anthony Listro & Guest(s), Foster Corporation
Michael T Wisniewski, Connecticut Innovations
Bill Mangino, Aplana Software, Inc.
Paul A. Hughes, Wiggin and Dana LLP
Ann M Brickley
Dipak K Dey, UConn
Robert Zielonka, American Rotorcar Co.
Jila Kazerounian, University IT
Brian Willis, Uconn
Daniel D Burkey
Jeffrey R McCutcheon, University of Connecticut
Yu Lei, UConn
Heidi Douglas & Guest(s)
Athanasios Bamis, Seldera
Monica T Mohtasham & Guest(s), Pratt & Whitney
Nathan W Freedman
Charlotte Creech, Combat2Career
David Olson & Guest(s), Lean Value Solutions Int'l
Abraham Friedman & Guest(s), Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Ali Hashmi & Guest(s), The LSI Group
norman nadeau, LUTCF, sun harvest renewable resources
Cong Yu & Guest(s), N/A
Bruce Carlson & Guest(s), IP Factory
Sheila Carmine & Guest(s)
Sheila Carmine & Guest(s)
Sheila Carmine & Guest(s)

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