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Event Scheduled for Dec 12, 2011

Event: Doctoral Dissertation Defense by Zijian Liu: Interaction between Wave and Human Body: Modeling and Detection

Location: Castleman Room 306

Time: 10:00 am

Details of Event:
Nowadays the interaction between microwave/ultrasound and human body has become an interesting topic drawing increasing attention. Since both microwave and ultrasound are non-ionizing without harmful on DNA damaging. They are applied as a safe tool of diagnosis and detection on human body in different field such as medical imaging, contactless medical measurements, remote psycho-emotional state estimation, and battlefield or debris evacuation and so on. For contributing to this area, my work presented two novel techniques of human body detection: transcranial thermoacousitc tomography and bio-radiolocation using ultrasound band (UWB) impulse radar. By discussing methodologies, modeling using novel numerical methods and validation with the laboratory experiments, both techniques are well-preformed with significant potential on the practical use.

Target Audience: Not Available

Sponsored By: Biomedical Engineering

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