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Event Scheduled for Dec 5, 2011

Event: Seminar in Transportation and Urban Engineering-Challenges to Changing the Transportation Culture on the UConn Campus - Speaker: William Wendt, Director; Transportation, Logistics and Parking Services, University of Connecticut

Location: Castleman 201

Time: 12:00 pm

Details of Event:
College and University campuses have experienced a tremendous amount of growth in student enrollment, staff and facilities growth over the past 50 years. When the economy booms, so does the need for new buildings and support structures. As buildings are sited, space for parking on the campus core becomes scarce. Conveniently located parking is lost and replaced by remote parking, shuttle service, and expensive garage structures. Many institutions have also developed TDM programs, encouraging less dependency on the single occupant automobile and the need to bring a car to campus.

While these alternatives have long been the norm in our country’s urban areas, higher educational institutions are slow to respond to changing conditions on campus. Educational institutions, known for their freedom to debate and critique all parameters of campus life and its development, typically operate on 36 week annual cycles. The university experiences population change (students) on these same annual cycles, leaving some debates lingering for future populations to address. Within the university environment, these debates and critiques are normative, but are often inefficient and ineffective when addressing the current environmental goals and structural changes identified as necessary to move forward.

With the help of this graduate class, I would like to explore your vision(s) for the future of Transportation Services on the UConn campus. A vision that encompasses an efficient and cost effective operating system which will meet the basic transportation needs of the community as a whole.

Target Audience: Open to All

Sponsored By: Civil and Environmental Engineering

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