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Event Scheduled for Nov 29, 2018

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Event: Innovation Connection - Grad Student Mixer

Location: Innovation Partnership Building (159 Discovery Drive; Storrs, CT)

Time: 04:00 pm

Details of Event:
You're invited to the November Innovation Grad Student Mixer!

Please join us for professional development & social networking with grad students from across the university.

4:00 - 5:00 - Professional Development
How do you end up with financial independence? At this event, you will learn six (6) steps that will give you a plan you can understand and own. By eliminating confusion, you can build certainty and retire financially independent.

Come hear from Alan J. McMillan an entrepreneur, Silicon Valley executive and MIT Sloan Fellow. Alan has developed life skill courses and presented to thousands of students at dozens of universities across the country.

5:00 - 6:00 - Social Networking
Time to meet other grad students and tour the new TechPark building.

Free food and beverages too!!

Target Audience:

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Arshiah Y Mirza, Ms
Robin Ann Bienemann, UConn
Leila Daneshmandi
Katarzyna Terlikowski
Saurav Dhar
Farnoosh Saeedinejad & Guest(s), Farnoosh Saeedinejad
Arshiah Y Mirza, UCONN
Dennis Trujillo, NA
Uche Anene, UConn
Tasneem Ahmadullah, Tasneem Ahmadullah
Tianyu Jiang, University of Connecticut
Jiangce Chen, Machine Learing
Arun Lee Malla
Cristina Mullin & Guest(s), Ms.
Rajat Sainju
Stephen Michna & Guest(s)
Alexandra Hain & Guest(s)
Kevin F McMullen
Chloe Cachet, na
Lynn Grabowski, CAHNR
Angela Lanning
Maryam Pardakhti
Jacob Bowie, Null
Azamat Tashev, Azamat Tashev, PhD student, NRE Dept.
Armin Rad & Guest(s), University of Connecticut
Cora S McGehee, University of Connecticut
Sree Vilashini Arjunan
Sara L Borrello
Arun L Malla
Ellie Duan & Guest(s)
Jon Mahoney
Ben R Robinson
Steven Difalco & Guest(s)
Juan Cabrera
Nicholas Yarmey
Cristian J Aviles-Martin
Raihan Khan & Guest(s)

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