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Event Scheduled for Oct 18, 2018

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Event: UConnect: Engineers in Conversation

Location: UConn Alumni Center; 2384 Alumni Drive; Storrs, CT

Time: 04:30 pm

Details of Event:
You"re Invited!

Chi Epsilon, the National Civil and Environmental Engineering Honor Society, is partnering with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and UConn Engineering Alumni Relations, to bring you UConnect: Engineers in Conversation. The inaugural Ice Cream Reception & Meetup is for all UConn civil and environmental engineering students, alumni, and faculty. This is a great opportunity to connect and converse with professionals and academics in the fields of civil and environmental engineering.

RSVP is required by October 10th.

Questions? Contact Heidi Douglas, Director of Engineering Alumni Relations at 860.961.8052 or

Target Audience:

Sponsored By: Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Event Attendees: View/Hide Attendees

Lariab Afzaal & Guest(s), Lariab Afzaal
Kevin McMullen
genevieve r rigler & Guest(s)
David Cornell & Guest(s), Woodard & Curran
Michael Curtis & Guest(s), Quantum Biopower
Matt Quaranta
Ross Bagtzoglou, University of Connecticut
Jin Zhu
Malaquias Peña, School of Engineering
Jintao Zhang
Makyle J Hawk, Makyle Hawk
Nicholas Lownes, UConn Engineering
Frank DeSimone
Qin Lu, Qin Lu
Randi Mendes, University of Connecticut
Yikun He, Yikun He
Rishav Aryal
farzaneh MahmoodPoorDehkordy, Uconn
Joseph A Paduano, Joe
MICHAEL CULMO, CME Associates, Inc.
Amanda Thompson & Guest(s), UCONN
Zoi Dokou, Zoi Dokou
Samantha J Paglia, None
Elizabeth Tujak-Weiss
Katherine Yale
Caroline M St. Pierre
Anya L Melick, N/A
Miranda Zhang, N/A
Tony Z Arreaga, Student
Lariab Afzaal & Guest(s), Lariab Afzaal
Maeve Manfredi
Tushar Gaddi
Tim Vadas
Israel T Berl, Israel Berl
Cristina Mullin & Guest(s), none
Xuan Li
Sakthi Saravanan
Mitchell Blustein
Melissa Hernandez & Guest(s), UConn Steel Bridge Design Club
Asadul Tanvir & Guest(s), Graduate Assistant
Donald McMenemy, UCONN
Tara Walsh, UConn
Asmita Rokaya, UCONN
Clifford Otis
Anthony M Tripodi, N/A
Brad Kelle, UCONN
Angela Lanning, University of Connecticut
William R Hughes, N/A
Julia Czarnecki
Paul Johnson
John Braccio & Guest(s), Wright-Pierce
Rob Smith & Guest(s), NA
Mohsen Kheirabadi, Engineer
Richard Breitenbach, Skanska USA Building
Tina Oyeniya & Guest(s)
Jacob Ducharme
Jim F Norden & Guest(s), Principal, GNCB Consulting Engineers, PC
Alexandra Hain
Katy Gagnon, Langan
Lee Chrisman, Langan Engineering
Brian Lassy
Hazem Salem
Nafis Fuad, N/A
Samuel Ulfsson
Efthymios Nikolopoulos, N/A
Robert Sullivan, Standard Builders, Inc.
Bryan Bakas, Standard Builders, Inc.
Steve Matyi, Standard Builders, Inc.
Katherine O’Shea , None
Ciara Hubertus

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