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Event Scheduled for Jun 14, 2018

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Event: GDEB/UConn Alumni Gathering & Reception

Location: Branford House, UConn Avery Point Campus

Time: 04:30 pm

Details of Event:
Join Terry Fedors, Vice President, Design & Engineering, General Dynamics Electric Boat, and Kazem Kazerounian, Dean, UConn Engineering, at a gathering of alumni, students, & friends celebrating our organizations' enduring and broadening relationship. More than 600 UConn alumni currently work at EB, over 100 alumni have retired from the company, and this summer, about 40 students have internships. EB is an economic powerhouse for our state and we're proud of our university-industry partnership and status as a major supplier of highly skilled engineering, science, and business graduates.

Reception, drinks and food service begin at 4:30 pm with a brief speaking program at 5:15 pm.

There is no charge for this event.

RSVP is required by June 7.

Questions? Contact Heidi Douglas, Director of Engineering Alumni Relations at 860.961.8052

Target Audience:

Sponsored By: Deanery Office

Pamphlet/Flyer: View file here


Event Attendees: View/Hide Attendees

Heidi Douglas, UConn Engineering
Bryan Huey
Richard Christenson, University of Connecticut
John Chandy & Guest(s)
Charles Maric, University of Connecticut, School of Engineering
Horea Ilies, UConn
Michael Accorsi, University of Connecticut
Baki Cetegen, UConn
Donald Swinton
Nora Sutton
Thomas Dzialo & Guest(s), Sixth Floor Consulting Group Inc.
Radenka Maric
Fei Miao & Guest(s)
Sung Yeul Park, University of Connecticut
Thomas Jensen
Kylene Perras, UConn School of Engineering
Huy D Le & Guest(s), GDEB
Matthew Scully & Guest(s)
Omar Barkawi, GDEB
Sheryl A Atencio, Electric Boat
Robert O Westhaver, Jr. & Guest(s), GDEB
Geoffrey R Akers & Guest(s), General Dynamics
Richard Taylor
Mark S Scarzella & Guest(s), Electric Boat
Ellizabeth W Peterson & Guest(s), GD/ EB
Yevhen Rutovytskyy & Guest(s), General Dynamics
Matthew Olander, Electric Boat
Shane M Tobey & Guest(s)
Katherine Domrese
Tyler Gromko, Electric Boat
Tiffany l Gaudenzi, Electric Boat
William Holtzman, General Dynamics Electric Boat
Douglas Pence & Guest(s), General Dynamics Electric Boat
Jeff Hooper, Electric Boat
Don d Phimister & Guest(s), General dynamics electric boat
Kola Ladoja & Guest(s)
Derek Meier & Guest(s), Electric Boat
David M MacLelland & Guest(s), General Dynamics Electric Boat
Austin Wagner
Zbigniew M. Bzymek & Guest(s), Reseach Professor
Bruce Emerick & Guest(s), EB
Derek M Alleyne & Guest(s)
Christopher Burns, Elecrtric Boat
Michelle Natzel, Electric Boat
Patrick J Reuss, Electric Boat
Kurt A Hesch, Electric Boat
Megan E Roberts & Guest(s), Electric Boat
Joseph A Franco & Guest(s), General Dynamics
Ethan Dumaine & Guest(s), General Dynamics Electric Boat
Mark Bennett
Craig Craig Kennedy
Burton Barnes & Guest(s)
Annemarie Seifert, UConn Avery Point
Michael W Kolln & Guest(s), General Dynamics Electric Boat
Gregory Patella & Guest(s), Electric Boat
Ray Williams & Guest(s)
John A Rodolico, John A. Rodolico
Michael L Sellers & Guest(s), N/A
Austin L Alvarez & Guest(s), Electric Boat Retiree
John W Hardink, GD/EB
David McBride, Thames River Innovation Places Inc
Mark Aindow, University of Connecticut
James R Sherrard, Three Rivers Community College
Andrew Macione & Guest(s), General Dynamics
Pete Halvordson

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