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Event Scheduled for Oct 24, 2017

Event: MSE PhD Dissertation Proposal - Tulsi Patel

Location: IMS-159

Time: 09:30 am

Details of Event:
PhD Dissertation Proposal

Presenter: Tulsi Patel

Major Advisor: Dr. Rainer Hebert

Associate Advisors: Dr. Pamir Alpay, Dr. Avinash Dongare, Dr. Mark Aindow, and Dr. Serge Nakhmanson

Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Time: 9:30 am

Room: IMS-159

Title: Hybrid Additive Manufacturing: Ferroelectric Oxides & Aerospace Alloys

Abstract: The current trend of additively manufactured aerospace components from high-temperature alloys has led to the consideration of integrated functionality such as sensors and actuators. The combination of ferroelectric oxides and aerospace alloys to be manufactured in a single process step provokes interest over the compatibility of such materials with their different physical parameters. In this dissertation proposal, the main objective is to investigate ideal processing parameters for hybrid additive manufacturing of ferroelectric oxides and aerospace alloys. Hybrid in this context alludes to the processing of multiple materials, in which the selected materials are: lead zirconate titanate (PZT) as the ferroelectric oxide, and Inconel 718, Ti-6Al-4V, Al6061, and stainless steel 17-4 PH as the aerospace alloys.
Preliminary results delineate ferroelectric properties of PZT on additively manufactured Inconel 718 using an industry-standard chemical solution deposition technique. A robust P-E hysteresis loop measures PR=71 3 μC/cm2 and EC=-456, 416 kV/cm along with dielectric properties of εr=200 and tanδ=9% at 1 kHz. A further theoretical study examines the role of thermal stresses and processing temperatures on the dielectric properties of PZT on aerospace alloys. Compressive strains result in phase transformations and threshold processing temperatures that exceed bulk properties of PZT for each alloy. Such studies supplement future work in determining optimal processing conditions for additive manufacturing of PZT using inkjet printing and laser melting.

Target Audience: Not Available

Sponsored By: Materials Science and Engineering Department

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