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Event Scheduled for Oct 20, 2017

Event: MSE Seminar Speaker - Dr. Lesley Frame

Location: IMS-20

Time: 09:45 am

Details of Event:
Dr. Lesley Frame
Associate Professor, Technology Management Department, School of Engineering, University of Bridgeport

Friday, October 20, 2017
Institute of Materials Science Building, Room 20, at 9:45 a.m.
Refreshments will be served at 9:30 a.m.

“Demystifying Induction Tempering: New Evidence in Thermal Processing”

Abstract: Induction and furnace tempering are commonly employed in quench and temper operations for plain carbon and alloy steels. Either process can be controlled to achieve equivalent mechanical properties, and the main difference between the two has always been assumed to be that induction tempering takes place at slightly higher temperatures for a matter of minutes while furnace tempering is conducted at lower temperatures for longer times. Recent research has challenged this assumption by examining the differences in microstructure and mechanical properties of 4140 steel when tempered with a furnace vs induction coil. In this on-going collaboration between Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Center for Heat Treat Excellence and University of Bridgeport, it has been found that the size, morphology, and number density of carbides present are strongly influenced by the tempering process. Further, correlations between mechanical properties (hardness, tensile strength, ductility, and impact toughness) and carbide morphology and density have been identified. These results have widespread impact in several industrial applications relying on both furnace and induction quench and temper operations.

Bio: Dr. Lesley Frame received her Bachelors from Massachusetts Institute of Technology from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in 2004. Remaining in the same field, she received her Masters (’07) and PhD (’09) degrees at the University of Arizona. As a postdoctoral researcher she worked with solar thermal technology at the Arizona Research Institute for Solar Energy in Tucson, AZ, and following that, Dr. Frame studied residual stress relaxation in copper alloys as a Fulbright Scholar at Cardiff University.

She spent five years gaining industry experience at Thermatool Corp., first as Manager of Materials Engineering and Development and then as Director of Product Development, where she focused on new product development and running the materials characterization lab. In August 2016, Dr. Frame joined the School of Engineering faculty at the University of Bridgeport, where she is now Associate Professor of Technology Management.

Dr. Frame is an expert in heat treating, solid state joining methods, process control for metal processing, process optimization, and ancient technologies. Dr. Frame is an active member of several ASTM committees and sub-committees, Recording Secretary for the E04 committee on Metallography, and subcommittee chair for E04.03 and E04.11. She is faculty advisor for the University of Bridgeport SWE chapter, Vice Chair of the Technology and Programming Committee for the Heat Treat Society, and Vice Chair of the Women in Materials Engineering Committee where she works with other female engineers to promote opportunities for women in the field of MSE.

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Sponsored By: Materials Science and Engineering Department

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