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Event Scheduled for Feb 22, 2017

Event: PhD Dissertation Proposal Defense: Rishi Kumar

Location: IMS-147B

Time: 01:00 pm

Details of Event:
Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Defense

Presenter: Rishi Kumar
Date/Time: Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017, 1:00 p.m
Location: IMS-147B
Advisory Committee:
Major advisor: Dr. Eric Jordan
Associate Advisors: Dr. Maurice Gell, Dr. Pu-Xian Gao, Dr. Avinash Dongare, Dr. George Rossetti

Title: Solution precursor plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings based on yttria-alumina system

This proposed thesis will deal with the further development of solution precursor plasma sprayed yttrium aluminum (YAG) garnet coatings previously developed at UConn. The emphasis is on improving, thermal conductivity, deposition economics and CMAS behavior. The properties improvements include a 39% reduction in thermal conductivity, a 190% increase in deposition rate and a 90 % improvement in deposition efficiency. Most central to this work is a demonstration of the excellent CMAS resistance of YAG. In the process of carrying out this work a number of original contributions arise in addition to fundamental process based properties improvements. These include low dopant level improvements in thermal conductivity, new data supporting the validity of optical basicity theory, and a totally new concept, a two-phase TBC that uses a majority phase that is CMAS inert and a sealing phase that is CMAS reactive creating a blocking reaction. Finally, the results to date raise a fundamental question to be considered in future work as to the mechanism by which YAG shows such good CMAS resistance.

Target Audience: Open to All

Sponsored By: Materials Science and Engineering Department

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