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Event Scheduled for Mar 8, 2017

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Event: Law School for Engineers - Is this a Fit for You?

Location: FSB 25 (Family Studies Building)

Time: 05:30 pm

Details of Event:
Have you ever considered going to law school once you complete your engineering degree? If the thought intrigues you - come to this information session featuring insight from Timothy S. Fisher, J.D., Dean and Professor of Law - University of Connecticut School of Law.

Pizza and light refreshments will be served.

Target Audience: Students

Sponsored By: Undergraduate Office

Pamphlet/Flyer: No Pamphlet/Flyer Available


Event Attendees: View/Hide Attendees

Jenny Blessing
Bret Olson
Charmi Patel, Charmi
Tom M Cotton & Guest(s), UConn
Francisca Laguerre & Guest(s), Uconn
Joyce N Caliendo, Joyce Caliendo
Paula Norato
Audrey Gallo, UConn
Nathan Hom
Liam T Evans, Liam Evans
Byron M Anderson & Guest(s), Na
Joseph Granatosky
Julia M Kennedy
Margaret Hudson & Guest(s)
Mohammed S Serdah, 1996
James Peak, N/A
Evan D Brown, Evan Brown
Sebastian Donoso, Sebastian Donoso
Kayla M Crook
Connor M Plvan, UCONN
Henry Courchaine
Dimitriy N Kosovay
Robert C Ernst
Gregory E Desautels, N/A
Ryan C Bergeron & Guest(s)
Hunter Malboeuf
Alexandra Augustak
Adam Burns
William Kehoe & Guest(s)
John S Rockett
Anand Gupta & Guest(s)
Justin R DeLarm , Mr. DeLarm
Connor J Dieck & Guest(s)
Kevin C Burke
Vincent Turnier, Vincent Turnier
Michael J Whitelaw, Justin
Sami Malhas
Hanna Soucie
Zack Kuvalanka & Guest(s)
Zack Kuvalanka & Guest(s)
Zack Kuvalanka & Guest(s)
zaynab bayati
Even Berkovitz, student
Even Berkovitz, student
Tegh Terrell
Ryan Shiring
Akash J Mehta & Guest(s)
Ying Bao, Ying Bao
Dimitriy Kosovay & Guest(s)
John Rockett & Guest(s), 1990
Mohammed Serdah, 1996
Thomas Underwood & Guest(s), N/A
orlando Romero
Rebeca M Eller, Rebeca Eller
Zachary M Quamme
Gregory Desautels & Guest(s)
Bret Olson
Sujay V Alavala
Michelle Debs, Michelle Debs

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