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Event Scheduled for Nov 19, 2015

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Event: Electric Boat/UConn Alumni Networking Reception

Location: UConn Avery Point Campus, Branford House, Groton, CT

Time: 04:30 pm

Details of Event:
Please join us for a General Dynamics/UConn alumni networking reception on Thursday, November 19th on the UConn Avery Point Campus. Co-hosted by Kazem Kazerounian, Dean, School of Engineering and Kurt Hesch, Vice President, Engineering & Design, this event is open to all University of Connecticut alumni at Electric Boat (EB).

Complimentary cocktails and hors d'oeuvres will be served. There will be a very brief program at 5:15pm featuring EB and UConn speakers. Come and meet the nearly 700 UConn alumni working at EB. University deans, School of Engineering faculty, summer interns and special guests have been invited to join you at this special alumni event.

Questions? Contact Heidi Douglas, Director of Engineering Alumni Relations, by email or 860.961.8052

Target Audience:

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Event Attendees: View/Hide Attendees

Heidi Douglas & Guest(s)
Ravi Patel & Guest(s)
Erin Joyce, Electric Boat
Robert O Westhaver & Guest(s), GDEB
Will Lennon
Melissa Barnes, General Dynamics Electric Boat
Jeffrey S Carver & Guest(s), Designer
Brian J Magda
Mike A Vetri
Geoffrey J Roy & Guest(s), General Dynamics Electric Boat
Ethan D Dumaine, General Dynamics Electric Boat
James Yee, James Yee
Daniel J Adamowicz, General Dynamics Electric Boat
Matthew Saymon, General Dynamics Electric Boat
Amber M Reinwald
Sonja Fisch, Electric Boat Corp
Burton Barnes, Electric Boat
Ayesheh M Nims
Gary Moyher
Tyler Gromko, Tyler
The Ukrainian & Guest(s), Electric Boat
Jeffrey Warner, Jeff Warner
Gary A Cooper, Electric Boat Corporation
Maura Dunn, Electric Boat
Kevin La, Kevin La
Diana M Santella, General Dynamics Electric Boat
Christina F. Grillo, Electric Boat
Paul L Scott, Ship Control Systems
James Huang & Guest(s), James Huang
Kolawole Ladoja
Bryan P Tunucci & Guest(s), Electric Boat Corp
Dean G Walston
Brooks Brown, Brooks Brown
Lauren A Baxter
Michael Kölln
Drew Lyon & Guest(s), Drew
Michael Kolln & Guest(s)
Drew Lyon & Guest(s), Drew
Gregory A Patella, Electric Boat
Shane M Tobey
Michael Jakubowski, Electric Boat Corp.
Mark S Scarzella & Guest(s), General Dynamics Electric Boat
Clifroy Henry
William DeSandre & Guest(s)
Mark Bacon & Guest(s)
Chris Barrett
Chelsey Oliveria & Guest(s)
Michael Schoenborn, Electric Boat
William T Royle & Guest(s)
Bernard Nasser
Charon Knapp
Michael Accorsi, Mike
William Holtzman, General Dynamics Electric Boat
Rajeev Bansal, UConn
Ashley Pedersen
Ki Chon
Rainer Herbert
Marty Wood
David Giblin
Kristin Hakenjos & Guest(s)
John Chandy & Guest(s)
Michael Noel, Electric Boat
Michael Schmitt
Mark Bennett
Dawn Barrasso, Electric Boat
Michael Moustakakis, General Dynamics Electric Boat
Kaitlyn E King & Guest(s), Electric Boat
Alivia Grate, General Dynamics Electric Boat
Jamal O Beckford & Guest(s)
Rita Schmidt, Town of Groton, CT
Marian Galbraith, City of Groton, CT
Nicholas Karlak
Edward S Bockowski Jr & Guest(s), Eddie Bockowski
Jason R Monk, Electric Boat
Kylene Perras
Kazem Kazerounian
Joseph Madaus
Donald Swinton
Robert P Canova, Electric Boat
Raymond J Filosa, Jr. & Guest(s)
John F Conway, Electric Boat
Michael W Bennett
Ludwig Fuisting
Dan E Madnick, Electric Boat
David Giblin
Brendan OBrien
Ray Williams
John Bau & Guest(s), UConn
Mark Plourde, Electric Boat
Joseph A Franco & Guest(s)
Umang Gangwar & Guest(s), Electric Boat
Brian P Stevens
Peter W Champagne
Stephanie Slezycki, General Dynamics Electric Boat
Christopher Rahusen
Andrew Podojil & Guest(s)
Brandon K Nadeau
Kevin Bombero
Zack Sena
Dennis Rivas, General Dynamics Electric Boat
James Kos & Guest(s)
Bruce Emerick
Andrew Grigg
Steve Christman, Steve Christman
Richard Nazzaro, EB
Keith MacWilliam
Benjamin D Fil
Bill Stoddard & Guest(s)
Kevin Hesch
Douglas Read
Thomas A Nardone & Guest(s)
Rui M Botelho, General Dynamics Electric Boat
Scot A Slimon & Guest(s), Electric Boat Corp.
Holly M Duprey
Keith Hesch

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