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Event Scheduled for Feb 22, 2013

Event: Synthetic and Biological Approaches to Restorative Dentistry

Location: ROWE 320 at Storrs & by videoconference to UCHC-Low Learning Center

Time: 12:00 pm

Details of Event:
Presented By:
A. Jon Goldberg

The restoration of teeth, necessitated by trauma or dental disease (caries), is a complex problem involving biological, chemical, mechanical, manipulative and esthetic considerations. Particulate-reinforced resin composites are used routinely for small restorations, but these biomaterials still have a number of shortcomings. The problems and possible strategies for improving these biomaterials will be discussed. At the same time, research advances are being made on regeneration of affected dental tissues. Dental tissue engineering may supplement or even replace the current synthetic biomaterials. This situation in dentistry is representative of biomedical challenges where there is competition between increasingly sophisticated biological approaches and ever improving synthetic-material strategies.

Target Audience: Not Available

Sponsored By: Biomedical Engineering

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