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Event Scheduled for Mar 1, 2013

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Event: Multiple Intelligence and Entrepreneurship in Engineering

Location: Information Technology Engineering Building (ITEB) Room 336

Time: 12:30 pm

Details of Event:
Discover the entrepreneur within with the help of Dr. Hadi Borzorgmanesh. He will show you how to succeed as entrepreneurs or as innovators within larger organizations! This event will start with a 1 hour presentation followed by lunch at 1:30 pm.

Target Audience: Students

Sponsored By: Other

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Event Attendees: View/Hide Attendees

Deborah Dorcemus
Masoud Mehrraoufi
Chenhao Jin, Colin
Rahul Narayan
Wenbo Dou & Guest(s)
Joel M DesJardins
Manish Roy
Khademul Haque
Biao Sun, Biao Sun
Weiji Han, Weiji Han
Yaowen Yu
Ali Abdollahi,
Jason White
Xiaorong Sun & Guest(s), Iris
Andreana Panzo
Corey P Hollmann, asdfg
Michael Zuba
Nicholas Curtis
Biao Sun, Biao Sun
Akram Abuteen
Hima Khoshreza & Guest(s), Hima Khoshreza
Reed Williams, na
Yang Wang, Yang Wang
Paiyz Mikael
navid asadi & Guest(s), david
Aileen Vandenberg
Menglong Guan
Morad Behandish, Morad
Tingyang Xu
Alicia Echevarria
Orko Momin
Qingbin Gao
Jack Huang
Jingcheng Li & Guest(s), Jingcheng Li
Son Le & Guest(s)
Ramona Georgescu & Guest(s)
Ahmed A Mihdhir, MihdhirTech
Ahmad Osman
Sarah Glod
Paul Elliott
Mike Grogan
Matthew Eschbach
Pouya Tavousi, Pouya Tavousi

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