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Event Scheduled for Feb 21, 2013

Event: CSE Colloquium Series - Shuiwang Ji "Mining the mouse brain data: clustering, prediction, and networks"

Location: ITE 336

Time: 01:15 pm

Details of Event:
The mammalian brain controls cognition, emotion, and perception and is one of the most complex yet least understood biological systems. It is known that there are at least several hundreds of distinct types of cells in the mammalian brain. These cell types are arranged into complex circuits, which ultimately are responsible for generating brain function.
In this talk, I will present our work on mining the gene expression and brain connectivity data from the Allen Brain Atlas (ABA), which provides genome-scale, cellular-resolution, three-dimensional gene expression and connectivity patterns in the mouse brain. I will discuss how unsupervised learning of the spatiotemporal gene expression data can lead to results that are consistent with classical neuroanatomy. I will then present our work on correlating and predicting the brain connectivity using gene expression signatures. Finally, I will describe our work on modeling the brain networks.
Shuiwang Ji received the Ph.D. degree from Arizona State University (ASU) in 2010 and is currently an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Old Dominion University (ODU). His research interests include machine learning, data mining, and computational biology. He received the Outstanding Ph.D. Student in Computer Science Award from ASU in 2010 and the Early Career Distinguished Research Award from ODU's College of Sciences in 2012. His team received the first prize from the TRECVID Video Surveillance Evaluation in 2009 and the second prize on Demographic Prediction from the Nokia Mobile Data Challenge in 2012.

Target Audience: Open to All

Sponsored By: Computer Science and Engineering

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