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Event Scheduled for Feb 15, 2013

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Event: Managing Your Career - Graduate Student Professional Development Workshop

Location: Information Technology Engineering Building (ITEB) Room 336

Time: 12:30 pm

Details of Event:
The first Graduate Student Professional Development Workshop of the semester will be led by Bill Borghard Ph.D. This event will start with a 1 hour presentation followed by lunch at 1:30 pm.

Target Audience: Students

Sponsored By: Other

Pamphlet/Flyer: No Pamphlet/Flyer Available


Event Attendees: View/Hide Attendees

Ramona Georgescu & Guest(s)
Andrea L Kadilak
Radu I Corcodel, Radu Corcodel
Mehdi Sadi, Mehdi Sadi
Sahil R Vora & Guest(s)
Menglong Guan
Jingwen Pei
Jing Huang
Alicia Echevarria, University of Connecticut
Xiaoyan Lu, abc
Paiyz Mikael
Udayarka Karra, CEE
Jiaxing Che, jiaxing
Weiji Han, UCONN
Ruhina Parveen
Daisy Ramos, Uconn
Kamyar Momeni
Morad Behandish, Morad
Yuqian Liu, Yuqian Liu
Yaowen Yu
Biao Sun, Biao Sun
Xiaorong Sun & Guest(s), Iris
Chenhao Jin, Colin
Masoud Mehrraoufi
Ujjwal Guin & Guest(s), Ujjwal Guin
Xiaoyan Tang & Guest(s), Xiaoyan Tang
Neerajha Nagarajan, Student
Feifei Zhou & Guest(s)
Aylin Acun & Guest(s), PhD Student
Sarah Glod
Menglong Guan
Asma A Farhan, Asma
Edward Eskew
Muammer Avci, Muammer
Aileen Vandenberg, University of Connecticut
Khademul Haque & Guest(s)
Haibo Yu
Ali Abdollahi & Guest(s),
Joel M Desjardins
Chong Chu, Chong Chu
Hom Sharma, UCONN
Junlin Chen, Junlin
Orko Momin
Wenbo Dou & Guest(s)
Murali Krishna Lingalugari & Guest(s), ECE
Pial Mirdha & Guest(s), ECE
Xiaoyu Ma & Guest(s)
Jun Chen & Guest(s)
Bingchuan Liu & Guest(s), Eric
Junnan Song, Junnan Song

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