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Event Scheduled for Feb 13, 2013

Event: Environmental Engineering Colloquium - Development and Application of High-Resolution Models for Ocean Waves and Circulation - presented by Dr. Casey Dietrich, University of Texas at Austin

Location: UTEB, Room 150

Time: 10:00 am

Details of Event:
“Development and Application of High-Resolution Models for Ocean Waves and Circulation” presented by Dr. Casey Dietrich a Research Associate in the Institute for Computational Engineering & Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin (Hydrometeorology Engineering Faculty Candidate)

Coastal oceanic areas are complicated systems, and, despite our best planning efforts, our infrastructure remains vulnerable to processes that can be slow (subsidence or sediment deposition) or fast (tsunamis and hurricanes). We develop computational models to describe the oceans in deep water and the nearshore, validate them against the best available measurements and knowledge of natural behavior, and then apply them to understand the coastal environment and our interaction with it. This presentation focuses on the coupling of a nearshore wind-wave model (SWAN) with a coastal ocean circulation model (ADCIRC). These models use unstructured, finite-element meshes to describe the ocean, continental shelf, coastline, floodplains and channels over a range of spatial scales. The models have been applied to the design of levee protection systems for metropolitan New Orleans by the USACE and the state and local agencies; the development of flood risk assessment maps by FEMA for the Gulf and Atlantic coastlines; the forecasting of hurricane waves and surge in real-time; and the simulation of oil transport following the destruction of the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform during the spring of 2010.

Casey Dietrich received three degrees from the University of Oklahoma before moving to Notre Dame for his PhD in civil engineering. He is now working as a research associate in the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences at the University of Texas. More information can be found at:

Target Audience: Open to All

Sponsored By: Environmental Engineering Program

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