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Event Scheduled for Feb 5, 2013

Event: Environmental Engineering Colloquium Series Presents a Special Presentation - "Links and Feedbacks between Atmospheric Composition and Dynamics Implications on Hazardous Weather" by Marina Astitha (Hydrometeorology Engineering Faculty Candidate)


Time: 12:30 pm

Details of Event:
"Links and Feedbacks between Atmospheric Composition and Dynamics Implications on Hazardous Weather" by Marina Astitha, Ph.D. (A Hydrometeorology Engineering Faculty Candidate): A Research Associate in the Atmospheric Modeling and Weather Forecasting Group at the University of Athens, School of Physics, Division of Environmental Physics-Meteorology.

Changes in the atmospheric composition can play an important role in various environmental issues ranging from impacts on air quality and human health to possible implications on the ecosystems and the hydrological cycle. Understanding the interactions between atmospheric processes and air pollutants has been the main focus of scientific research during the last years. The meteorological influences on air pollution and their implications to climate change have been extensively studied in the scientific community. However, the inverse relation, i.e. the impacts of atmospheric composition on weather and climate are not yet fully understood. This presentation will emphasize on the links and feedbacks between atmospheric composition and dynamics from the atmospheric modeling perspective, in close association to measurement and observation methods. The aforementioned feedbacks describe a very complex and non-linear system of interactions, where the atmospheric composition, the mixing state and the ambient environment play the most crucial role. Towards this direction, the presentation will elaborate on past and current research activities which have been focused on model development and applications in regional and global scale. Some of these activities include the study of the potential of the mixing of pollutants with different origin to influence the cloud formation in the Central Atlantic Ocean, a sensitive “hurricane genesis” region; the impact of airborne particles in the cloud dynamics that can alter the precipitation pattern in the area of interest; the anthropogenic influence on the water budget. The detailed study of the feedbacks between atmospheric composition and dynamics can aid towards understanding and forecasting of hydro-meteorological extremes associated with the state of the atmosphere and the anthropogenic influences.

Target Audience: Open to All

Sponsored By: Environmental Engineering Program

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