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Event Scheduled for Jan 28, 2013

Event: CEE Special Seminar Presentation: Damage modeling and reliability assessment of infrastructures under multiple dynamic loads Guest Speaker: Wei Zhang, Ph.D., Senior Structural Engineer, Technip USA Inc., Houston, TX

Location: Laurel Hall Room 202 (formerly known as CB classroom building)

Time: 12:00 pm

Details of Event:

Safety and durability are in the first priority for infrastructures. Extreme weather events and related damages have greatly increased as a result of global climate changes. An effective methodology for damage and reliability assessment of infrastructural systems under multiple extreme weather events in their life-cycle is highly desired by the scientific research community and decision makers to evaluate the structures current safety and future durability to build more resilient communities. This presentation introduces the development of damage modeling and reliability prediction methodology for steel bridges under real traffic and wind loads with multiple random parameters and variables in bridges’ life cycle. Number of vehicles passing the bridges is calculated by the probability of occurrence for traffic flow considering different levels of service in one day. The meteorological data on wind velocities and corresponding directions at bridge sites are used to generate the probability density function of wind speeds and directions. Stationary Gaussian wind speeds are generated for the analysis. At each time step, wind and vehicle loads are used to update the time-dependent terms in the coupled equations of motions. Linear and non-linear damage rules are used to predict the damage accumulations of bridge details in their life-cycle. The structural life is calculated based on the cumulated probability of failure for the defined limit state functions. It is found that the structural reliability reduced greatly due to the combined dynamic load effects.

Wei Zhang received his Ph.D. from Louisiana State University in May 2012. He is currently a senior specialist at Technip USA Inc., where he is working on modeling offshore floating structures under extreme wave and wind loads. His work at Louisiana State University mainly focused on developing a vehicle-bridge-wind interaction framework for assessing fatigue damage of bridges in traffic-wind combined environments including extreme hurricane wind events. He was also involved in the progressive failure analysis of low rise buildings under hurricane wind loads. Prior to LSU, he worked in the National Key Laboratory for Civil Engineering at Tongji University, China. He used wind tunnel testing and computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations to study wind-structure interactions and was involved in several wind tunnel experiments for mitigating wind induced vibrations. His research aims at developing an effective methodology for life-cycle performance design, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of structural systems, which integrates extreme event and load modeling, risk and reliability analysis, life-cycle performance design, progressive damage inspection, monitoring, and rehabilitation to develop resilient and sustainable infrastructural systems.

Target Audience: Open to All

Sponsored By: Civil and Environmental Engineering

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