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Event Scheduled for Oct 2, 2012

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Event: Innovation Connection - Center for Clean Energy Engineering (C2E2)

Location: Center for Clean Energy Engineering (C2E2), UConn Depot Campus; 44 Weaver Road, Storrs, CT

Time: 03:00 pm

Details of Event:
You're invited to the 3rd Annual C2E2 Innovation Connection!

In business as in life, it's often who and what you know that counts. Come network with innovators, business development experts, investors and other experts.

Tuesday, October 2nd
3:00 - 4:00 pm Innovation Initiatives at UConn and in Connecticut
4:00 - 6:00 pm Social networking and tours of C2E2 labs

Target Audience: Open to All

Sponsored By: Center for Clean Energy Engineering

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Event Attendees: View/Hide Attendees

Nasos Bamis, UConn
Kamal Hadidi & Guest(s), Amastan LLC
Mai Hamdalla, University of Connecticut
Danny Briere, Startup Connecticut
Yang Gao
Moinuddin Sarker & Guest(s), Natural State Research, Inc.
Fred Wergeles, Fred Wergeles & Associates LLC
Kazem Kazerounian, UConn School of Engineering, Interim Dean
Davian Samuels, Nebula Energy Inc.
Paul A. Hughes, Wiggin and Dana LLP
Kevin Bouley, Nerac, Inc.
Joel M Rinebold, CCAT
John Berges, Hi-Tech Fabriacting, Inc.
Eric Knight, Remarkable Technologies, Inc.
Susan Froshauer, UConn
Leonard Discenza, Design By Analysis, Inc.
Mary Anne Rooke, UConn TIP
Jennifer Grey
Rajeev Bansal
Jeanne B Roy & Guest(s), Jeanne Boyer Roy
Dick O'Hare, Local Yokel Media
Edward Heath, New vIdeas and Innovations, LLC
Tim Coates, Connecticut Technology Council
Nan Li
Armand E Halter, Sonalysts
Dave A Hudson, Joining Technologies, Inc.
Michael R Francoeur, Joining Technologies, Inc.
Thomas J Love & Guest(s), DirectedVision
David Douyard, Operative Applications
Chris Fuselier, Progeos, Inc
Tiffany St. Bernard, ManyMentors
Ali Bazzi, University of Connecticut
Ryan Bangham & Guest(s), US Navy
Doug Cooper, UConn
Paul Aresta, CT Center for Advanced Technology
Garry Barnes, Univ. of Connecticut, C2E2
Peter Menard & Guest(s), Univ. of Connecticut, C2E2
Rishabh Jain & Guest(s), Univ. of Connecticut, C2E2
Neil Spinner & Guest(s), Univ. of Connecticut, C2E2
Kailash Y Patil, Kailash
Brian Kozikowski, Wood Group
Nirav Patel & Guest(s), Uconn Research Assistant
Jeffrey Peterson
Donna Cyr, University of Connecticut
Daniel Shear & Guest(s), SuperGeek.Biz
Charles G Reid, STR Solar
Andrew Tan, TAN2000 International Holdings Corporation
Adam D Herman, DiaBeat LLC
Robert J Treen, Pratt & Whitney
John Chandy, University of Connecticut
Rainer Hebert
Marty Hirschorn, UConn - Economic Development/Employment Relations
Nancy Hamilton, Trans-Tek, Inc.
Freddie Lebron, Trans-Tek, Inc.
Ameya P Akkalkotkar, Ameya Akkalkotkar
Harvey A Zar, Applivate LLC
Charles G Reid, STR Solar
Paige Rasid & Guest(s), Connecticut Innovations
Sarah Glod
Manoj K Mahapatra, Center for Clean Energy Engineering

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