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Event Scheduled for Jun 19, 2012

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Event: Innovation Connection: Long Island Sound

Location: Branford House, UConn Avery Point Campus, 1084 Shennecossett Rd., Groton, CT 06340; (860) 405-9000

Time: 03:00 pm

Details of Event:
Please join us on Tuesday, June 19th at the beautiful UConn Avery Point campus for a panel discussion, tours and Innovation Connection networking event.

The panel topic will center on Long Island Sound, the vital estuary that lies between Connecticut’s southern shores and New York. The Sound is a recreational, tourist and economic resource generating an estimated $5 billion in annual revenue through power generation, recreation, commercial fishing and shipping. It’s also an important bellwether of the environmental health of our water resources. The Sound is home to 28 million residents living within 50 miles, 100 sewage-treatment plants lining its shores, roughly 120 species of fish and hundreds of bird species.

Everyone is invited!

Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3-4 PM Panel Discussion: Long Island Sound – Economic, Recreational & Environmental Resource Panelists: Jane Piper, CEO, Piper Environmental Group; Eric Watters, Sr. Mgr. & Compliance Lead, Pfizer; Mike Curtis, SES – Simplified Energy Solutions; John Hansen, CEO, Aquatic Sensor Network Technology LLC (AquaSeNT); and Penny Vlahos, Ph.D, Founder, EVA Systems
Moderator: Bill Leahy, Institute for Sustainable Energy at Eastern
Location: Marine Sciences Building, 1st Floor, Room 103

4-6 PM Welcome to Avery Point! Mike Alfultis, UConn Avery Point Campus Director; Innovation Connection networking reception and tours
Location: Branford House
Location: UConn Avery Point Campus, 1084 Shennecossett Rd., Groton, CT 06340; (860) 405-9000

The panel discussion will be webcast on the CTiHub.

Please RSVP to attend this event.

Target Audience: Open to All

Sponsored By: Deanery Office

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Mary Anne Rooke & Guest(s), UConn TIP
Robin Ann Bienemann, UConn - School of Engineering
Robin Ann Bienemann, UConn - School of Engineering
Robin Ann Bienemann, UConn - School of Engineering
Allison MacKay, University of Connecticut
Heidi Douglas & Guest(s)
Michael D Curtis, Simplified Energy Solutions
Frank J Marco, Wiggin and Dana
Harris L Marcus, UConn IMS
Elizabeth W Peterson & Guest(s), Dominion
Paige Rasid, Connecticut Innovations
Thomas Swarr, Sustainability by Design, LLC
Chris Tonzi, GZA GeoEnvironmental
Shengli Zhou, UConn School of Engineering
Alexandria Byrd
Carlos Villa
Robert Kirschner
Kevin King
Kaleel Mahmood
Joseph Prainito
Edward Rivera
Kevin Corder, University of Delaware
Shae Hurst, University of Washington
Kelly Kenney, VantagePoint
Doug Cooper, UConn School of Engineering
Kylene Perras, UConn Foundation
Serge R Martinod, Arcanatura
Serge R Martinod, Arcanatura
John Wyatt & Guest(s), Carmagen Engineering Inc
James O'Donnell & Guest(s), Coastal Ocean Analytics
Peter Cornelius, Systamedic
Rita Zangari & Guest(s), UCONN Technology Commercialization
Alan Harrison & Guest(s), McCormick, Paulding & Huber LLP
Deborah Donovan & Guest(s), Southeastern CT Enterprise Region (seCTer)
Chris Fuselier & Guest(s), Progeos
Cameron Bromley, Concursive
Steven O'Connell, The Northstar Group
Dylan Gardner
Armand E Halter, Sonalysts, Inc.
Paul Hoar, AgriFuels LLC
Kamal Hadidi, Amastan LLC
Russell Lowry, CFP®, Sagemark Consulting
Bob Volkmann, Systamedic
Jennifer Grey, UConn Foundation
Eric Knight & Guest(s), UConn
George Mathanool & Guest(s)
Martin Sommer & Guest(s), Six Sigma Consultant
James Z Hare
Jeff Magnusson & Guest(s), EB
Kevin Corder
Steven Winter, Self
Taylor Lynn & Guest(s), Mystic Technology Partners
Sylvain De Guise, CT Sea Grant
Thomas B Carnow & Guest(s), CABA, Inc
Bill Weir & Guest(s), UConn School of Engineering
Mickey Wiernasz & Guest(s), U.S. Energy Systems

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