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Event Scheduled for May 17, 2012

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Event: Innovation Connection - Student Tech Forum - Thursday, May 17th, 3:00 pm - Student Union

Location: Student Union Theatre/Student Union Ballroom

Time: 03:00 pm

Details of Event:
You’re Invited!

Ever wonder what goes on in UConn’s engineering laboratories and how fundamental research morphs into commercial products? Come to Storrs and find out!

The School of Engineering and the Innovation Connection team invite you to attend our inaugural student Tech Forum, where graduate and advanced undergraduate students will showcase their research.

In addition to displaying posters summarizing their work and performing demos, the students will discuss their research with visitors, answer questions and network in an informal and collaborative environment.

Prior to the Tech Forum, Deb Santy, Director of the Connecticut Small Business Innovation Research office, will discuss the CTiHub. The purpose of the Connecticut iHub ( is to connect all innovation stakeholders to promote economic and business development. Innovation stakeholders are high tech small businesses, large corporations, research institutions, universities, federal and state agencies and citizens looking to get ahead.

Everyone is welcome! Come to Storrs and connect with talented students, innovators, industry representatives, IP experts and other entrepreneurial individuals.

Date - May 17, 2012
Location - Student Union, UConn Storrs Campus
Time - 3:00 – 4:00 pm – CT IHub Panel discussion (Student Union Theatre)
4:00 – 6:00 pm – Posters & Networking (Student Union Ballrooms)

Please RSVP.

Target Audience: Open to All

Sponsored By: Deanery Office

Pamphlet/Flyer: View file here


Event Attendees: View/Hide Attendees

Donna L Bak, Sandler Training
Sapna Gupta, Graduate Student
Deborah R Isenstadt
hao xie
Sapna Gupta
Evan Beach
Samuel L Collom
Kevin Bouley
Tom Freund
Chun-Chi Chen
Tianheng Wang
Jason White
Henning Seip
David R. Pepin
Michael D Curtis
rajeev bansal
Alan S. Fenrow, Faber Absolvere
Krystyna Gielo-Perczak
Camille Brun
Michael Zuba
Jiayin Wang & Guest(s), Jiayin Wang, CSE
Jun-Hong Cui
Sayan Biswas
Mun Choi & Guest(s), UConn
Neil Spinner
Lina Pu, Lina Pu
haining mo
Yu Luo, Yu Luo
Mai Hamdalla, University of Connecticut
Benjamin G. Willis
Murali Lingalugari, Murali Krishna Lingalugari
Behnoosh Tavakoli, uconn
YING LIU & Guest(s), Ying Liu
Ali Abdollahi
Ashrafur Rahman
Akond A Rahman & Guest(s), Akond
Neerajha Nagarajan, Studenet
Jiaxing Che, Jiaxing Che
Donna Cyr
Nirav P Patel
James Z Hare
Harris L Marcus
jun liu, jun liu
Zhiquan Zhou, Zhiquan Zhou
Zhiquan Zhou, Zhiquan Zhou
Paiyz Mikael, UConn
ZHENG PENG & Guest(s)
haining mo, haining mo
Therese M Smith
Yi Yang, ECE
Leah Y Pruzinsky
Tian Mi
Hom N Sharma, UCONN
Sharida Hoque & Guest(s), Student
Donald Karg
Sharida Hoque & Guest(s), Student
Mark R Battig
Derek Doran, na
satyesh k yadav & Guest(s), Satyesh
Samir Elsayed
Maura Koehle & Guest(s), UConn
Jie Luo, N/A
Shoucheng Du, Shoucheng Du
Joseph Cerino
Venkatesh Botu , Venkatesh Botu
Tasneem Pishori
Sha A Mamun, Sha Mamun
Ying Wang & Guest(s)
Nathan W Freedman, Nathan Freedman
Grant Bouchillon & Guest(s)
Hyunsook Jang & Guest(s), Hyunsook
Claude J Manville
Ali Abdollahi & Guest(s)
Yixin Liu
Jinzi Deng & Guest(s)
Guangliang Liu, Perry
Yibo Zhu, UConn
Wei Sun
Alicia Echevarria, University of Connecticut
Joseph A Prainito, Student
Stephanie Bendtsen & Guest(s), N/A
hao xie
Ayman Alharbi, Ayman
Ghanshyam Pilania & Guest(s), Ghanshyam Pilania
Carlos Villa, N.A
Brendan OGrady
Kuo-ting Liao, Kuo-ting Liao
Ed Swindelles
Abdulaziz M Miyajan, Abdulaziz Miyajan
Ankur Ganveer, Ankur Ganveer
Zengmin Xia, N/A
George Bollas, UConn
Udayarka Karra & Guest(s), Environmental Engineer
Michael Accorsi
Sherif A Tolba, Sherif Tolba
Sayan Biswas & Guest(s), tech forum participant
Ivelisse Boerenko, CAPEWELL
Mirela Dragan & Guest(s), Mirela Dragan
Sushil Dahal, UConn
Frank Marco & Guest(s), Wiggin and Dana
Joseph D Calderan
toby sommer
Shihui Li, Shihui Li
Steven Camerota, Wiggin and Dana
John Hanson, AquaSeNT
Mark Alarie, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum USA
Ting Xu
Ting Xu
Alexander G. Agrios
Ali Elahidoost
Asav Dharia & Guest(s), UCONN
Ajay Obla, UCONN

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