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Event Scheduled for Apr 19, 2012

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Event: Innovation Connection - Green Chemistry Workshop

Location: Auditorium/Greehouse, United Technologies Research Center; 411 Silver Lane; East Hartford, CT 06108

Time: 02:00 pm

Details of Event:
You’re invited!

What is “green chemistry,” and how does it impact the quality of our lives?

On Thursday, April 19, 2012, visitors will have the opportunity to explore this exciting arena. UConn’s Innovation Connection and the Chemical Innovations Institute are proud to host a Green Chemistry* Workshop, which will feature panel discussions and a range of interesting and informative events. Wrapping up the afternoon will be another signature Innovation Connection networking reception.

Everyone is invited!

Date: Thursday, April 19, 2012

2-4 PM Remarks: Dr. Mary Holz-Clause, Vice President, Economic Development, University of Connecticut

Panel Discussion 1
Realities of Implementation
Panelists: William Fallon, Materials & Process Engineering Technical Fellow, Sikorsky; Howard Orr, President, KTI, Inc.; Geoffrey Bock, Business Development Manager of Green Initiatives, TüV Rheinland; Dr. Emma Palmacci, VP of Research & Advisory Svcs., Nerac

Moderator: Casey Pickett, Connecticut Dept. of Economic & Community Development;

Panel Discussion II
Green Chemistry Solutions:
Panelists: Prof. Evan Beach, Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering, Yale University; Dan Socci, VeruTEK Technologies; John Fantry - nzymSys, Inc.; Buzz Cue - BWC Pharma Consulting, LLC; Nick Anastas, Green Chemist, Office of Environmental Stewardship
USEPA Region 1 New England

Moderator: Prof. Nicholas Leadbeater, New Synthetic Methods Group, UConn

Open Questions
4-6 PM Innovation Connection networking reception and tours

Location: Auditorium/Greenhouse, United Technologies Research Center, 411 Silver Lane, East Hartford, CT 06108

* Green chemistry is a field and an approach that seeks to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals and the generation of toxic wastes by changing how we design, manufacture, and use chemicals in processes and products.

I look forward to seeing you there! Please RSVP to attend this event and if you have any question, please contact Noreen Wall or 860-486-5394.

Robin Ann Bienemann
Entrepreneur in Residence, UConn School of Engineering

Target Audience: Open to All

Sponsored By: Deanery Office

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Event Attendees: View/Hide Attendees

Robin Ann Bienemann & Guest(s), UConn - School of Engineering
Pam Eliason, Toxics Use Reduction Institute
Malcolm D Smith & Guest(s)
Michael D Curtis
norman a nadeau & Guest(s), sun harvest renewable resources
Thomas Swarr, Sustainability by Design, LLC
Geoffrey Bock
John R Fantry, nzymSys, Inc.
Nicholas D Anastas, USEPA
Nicholas Leadbeater, University of Connecticut
Emma Palmacci
William P Fallon, Sikorsky Aircraft
Evan Beach, Yale University
Paul Hoar
Alan Harrison, MP&H LLP
Moinuddin Sarker, Natural State Research, Inc.
Mirela Dragan & Guest(s), Mirela Dragan
Kevin Bouley, Nerac, Inc.
Deb Santy, CT Innovations - SBIR
Charles Moret, Connecticut Innovations
Susan Froshauer, UConn
Ann Discenza & Guest(s), Crossroads Venture Group
Doug Cooper, UConn
Henning Seip, SkillPROOF Inc.
Susan Glasspiegel, FIRST
Pam Eliason, Toxics Use Reduction Institute
Danny Briere, Startup Connecticut
Joel M. Rinebold, CCAT
Michael Peck, Websmart Technologies
ju zhang, JU ZHANG
Harris L. Marcus, UConn - IMS
Tiffany A St. Bernard & Guest(s), ManyMentors
Archit S Patel & Guest(s), Archit
Joe Wehr, DBMI
Fred L Robson, RPM Sustainable Technologies, Inc.
Kylene Perras, Uconn Foundation
Luke Weinstein,
Berkeley W Cue, BWC Pharma Consulting, LLC
Gene Turley, CPA Consulting
Casey Pickett, Casey Pickett
Susan Leite
Nicholas Leadbeater, University of Connecticut
John Yamanis, United Technologies Research Center
Donna M Cyr, University of Connecticut
Helen Charov & Guest(s), Connecticut Invention Convention
Robert W Coughlin, UConn
Jeffrey G Champagne & Guest(s), Nerac
Nicholas D Anastas, USEPA Region 1
John Helwig & Guest(s), UConn-IMS
David Bloom, nzymSys, Inc.
John W Wong, Pfizer Inc
Janet Street & Guest(s), Easy Keepers, LLC
Janice Scheckter, Indigo Marketing
Heidi S Douglas & Guest(s)
Joel Douglas & Guest(s), Mystic Technology partners
Patrick J ONeill, CT Innovations
Brad A Horn, Redux Technology Division of Azure Water Services, LLC
Cameron S Bromley, Concursive
Steven OConnell, The Northstar Group
Tim F Morse, UConn Health Center
Tod Gerardo, Accord Career Services LLC
Brian Kozikowski, Wood Group
Gus Kellogg & Guest(s), Greenleaf Biofuels
Brian Schwarz, University of Connecticut
Jennifer Grey & Guest(s), UConn Foundation

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