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Event Scheduled for Mar 29, 2012

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Event: Innovation Connection - Stamford

Location: Stamford Innovation Center, Old Town Hall

Time: 04:00 pm

Details of Event:
The Stamford Innovation Center is pleased to host the first Innovation Connection, Stamford event. Innovators, business development and IP experts, angel investors and other members of the entrepreneurial community welcome!

Target Audience: Open to All

Sponsored By: Other

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Kevin Bouley, Nerac
Robin Ann Bienemann, UConn School of Engineering
Paige Rasid, Connecticut Technology Council
Laurence Vigeant-Langlois & Guest(s),
Ronald W Regan & Guest(s), MCergo
Kevin Bouley & Guest(s), Nerac, Inc.
David Schmid, Garage Juice Bar
Jennifer Muller & Guest(s), Marketing On Demand
Brian Noonan & Guest(s), West Edge Development
Moinuddin Sarker, Natural State Research, Inc.
Tiffany St. Bernard & Guest(s), ManyMentors
Lawrence ford, Lawrence Ford Consulting
Gerald L Engel, University of Connecticut Stamford
Paul R Johnson, Fuss & O'Neill, Inc.
Bob Moore, Moore Center for Rehabilitation services
Kelly Kenney, Grey Matter Group
Mark Van Allen & Guest(s), UConn R & D Corp
Robert J Moore & Guest(s), Moore Physical Therapy and Fitness
Granville Burgess & Guest(s)
Sheila Carmine, CQIA Innovation Prize
michael westcott, relate
Alan Harrison, MP&H LLP
Helen Charov, Connecticut Invention Convention
Howard Gross, HG Communications
Mirela Dragan, Mirela Dragan
Brenda Lewis, Transactions Marketing, Inc.
Jonathan Yarmis
William Kilgallen, Wiggin and Dana
Randy Savicky, Strategy+Communications
Gary Breitbart & Guest(s), Stamford Innovation Ctr
Frank Marco, Wiggin and Dana
Christopher AG Davies & Guest(s), Nanoholdings
Gregory Cox & Guest(s), Thin Around Corners
Michael Grundei, Wiggin and Dana
Stephen Cooper, Stephen Cooper
Michael T Wisniewski, Connecticut Innovations
Patti K Melick, Wiggin and Dana
Erick E Rios, Big Bang
Liwen Yaacoby, Techwuli Software Solutions
Durelle Alexander
James Madenjian & Guest(s), J. M. Engineering
Marti Etter, Ballet School of Stamford
Ben Wheeler, Wheeler & Co.
Mele Orendorf & Guest(s), Franklin Management
Eliot LeBow & Guest(s), Psychotherapy for Diabetics
Mai Hamdalla & Guest(s),
Marty Bell
Marty Bell
Darrell DeMakes & Guest(s), Self
Mary Anne Rooke, Angel Investor Forum
Owen Davis & Guest(s), PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Laurence Sheinman, HomeESP
Joe DeMartino & Guest(s), Angel Investor Forum
Scott Berry, Digitalics, LLC
Hugh Tansey, Thermo fisher scientific
Vicki MacKenzie, Accent on Communication
Paul Hoar, AgriFuels LLC
shannon groves, wed
Leonard Discenza, Design By Analysis, Inc.
Scott Kaufman, Wiggin and Dana
William Mellott, Club Quarters
Henning Seip, SkillPROOF Inc.
Michael G Polo, AdChem Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.
Bruce Carlson, IP Factory
Edwin Siebesma, MeetingKing
Jennifer Lauren, Franklin Street Works
Donald Butts & Guest(s), University of Connecticut MBA Student
Art Shulman
Alan Brody, Convean
Clif McFeely & Guest(s), FUTURE 5
Keith Kesner, WDP & Associates, P.C.
Rich Davis, Enhanced Capital
Tim H Tulloch & Guest(s)
Kathryn Kavicky
Danielle Brody, The Review
Vicki MacKenzie, Accent on Communication

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