Industry Open House -- November 5, 2015

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Advanced Manufacturing


Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Education & Economic Development



High Performance Computer, Cybersecurity, Big Data

Materials (Bio, Energy, Manufacturing)


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Faculty Researcher

AREA: [top]

Alexander Agrios

Nanomaterials; Composites; Catalysis; Photovoltaics; Dye-sensitized and Perovskite solar cells; Environmental photocatalysis

Emmanouil Anagnostou

Global precipitation measurement from remote sensing; Hydro-meteorological modeling for the prediction of floods; Underwater passive aquatic listening for marine application; Numerical weather prediction and data assimilation; Damage modeling for electric distribution networks

Mukul Bansal

Algorithms, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics, Genomics.

Ali Bazzi

Power Electronics, Electric Drives, Electric Machines, Motor Control, Energy Reliability, Fault Diagnosis in Energy Systems, Transportation Electronics, Solar Photovoltaic Energy Conversion

Jinbo Bi

Machine learning, data mining, pattern recognition, bioinformatics, medical informatics, optimization

George Bollas

Energy processes, simulation, optimization, control, fault detection, Chemical-Looping, Biomass Pyrolysis, Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, Fluid Catalytic Cracking

John Chandy

Storage systems, Reconfigurable computing, Parallel and distributed applications, hardware security, embedded systems security

Richard Christenson

Structural vibrations, shake table testing, vibration monitoring

Maria Chrysochoou

Environmental engineering, water resources, pollution control, waste management, brownfield redevelopment, site remediation

Ashwin Dani

Robotics, Automation, Autonomous Navigation of Unmanned Aerial Systems, Nonlinear Estimation & Control Theory, Visual Servo Control

Parasara Duggirala

Cyber-Physical Systems, Formal Methods, Verification, Air-traffic Control Protocols, Automotive Systems.

Shalabh Gupta

Cyber-physical Systems, Data Analytics, Information Fusion, Networked Systems, Distributed Intelligent Systems, Diagnostics & Prognostics in Complex Systems and Path Planning with applications to Swarm Robotics, Sensor Networks, Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Grids, Aerospace Systems, and Manufacturing Systems.

Rainer Hebert

Metallurgy; rapid solidification; phase transformations; additive manufacturing; steels; titanium alloys.

Faquir Jain

Implantable bio-sensor platforms; Quantum dot based multi-bit FETs, solar cells and lasers; Quantum Simulations.

Fiona Leek

Industry outreach, failure analysis, raw material comparison, identification of unknowns/contaminants, analysis of product/process difficulties & customer returns

Gregory Lewis

Small Business, Financial Analysis, Access to Capital, Market Research, Business Starts, Innovation, Patents

Radenka Maric

Thin film, biomaterials, coating technologies, nanomaterials engineering, fuel cell, batteries, and bio-sensors.

Laurent Michel

Discrete Optimization, Constraint Programming, Resource Allocation, Scheduling, Continuous Optimization, Security.

Richard Miller

environmental policy, clean energy, micorgrids, energy efficiency, green building, retro-commissioning, carbon mitigation, resiliency, Low impact development (LID), green stormwater infrastructure, ZEVs, water conservation, waste reduction, recycling

Vito Moreno

Aerospace, Structures, Applied Mechanics, Kinematics, Fatigue and Fracture

Mu-Ping Nieh

Nanostructural characterization, surfaces/interfaces, dispersion, nano- and micro- emulsion, in vitro cellular test, targeting drug/diagnostic delivery nanocarriers and instrument-free sensing materials.

Julian Norato

Computational design exploration of engineered systems, including structural shape and topology optimization, multidisciplinary optimization, design optimization for manufacturability, and design of structures made of heterogeneous or hierarchical materials.

Lawrence Silbart

Next Generation CT, UConn Tech Park, Innovation Partnership Building, Industry-University Partnerships

Helena Silva

Micro/nanoelectronic devices, electronic materials, electrical characterization, device fabrication

Prabhakar Singh

Oxide vaporization, corrosion, electrolyte, sulfur clean up, carbon capture, adsorbent, molten salt, MCFC, bio fuel desulfurization, ceramic powder, SOFC, SOEC

Glendowlyn Thames

Small business, strategic partnerships, technology, commercialization, entrepreneur, technology assessment, business partnerships, federal grants, state grants, grant-writing, small business internships, manufacturing grants, small business mentoring

Julia Valla

Hierarchical pore structure zeolites, Fuel processing, Biomass catalytic pyrolysis, Desulfurization, Hydroprocessing

Martin Van Dijk

Secure Processor Architectures; Physical Unclonable Functions; Hardware Trojan Detection; Secure Supply Chain Management; Secure Key Management; Secure Computation and Storage; Secure Data Center Technology; Embedded Systems Security

Diane Van Scoter

Industrial Engineering, Industry Involvement, Process Improvement, the Impact of Contextual Factors, and STEM Education

Arash Zaghi

Bridge Design and Rehabilitation, Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC), Multihazard Resilient Design, Novel Structural Systems, Design for Earthquake and Blast, Large-Scale Structure Experiments, Creativity in Engineering Education


Strategic and business counsel for life sciences, health care, telecommunications and information technology; and negotiations on many research, development and commercialization transactions.

Wei Zhang

Coastal infrastructure resilience, damage modeling, fatigue and corrosion, wind/wave induced vibrations, random vibrations, vehicle-bridge-wind-wave dynamics, and life-cycle structural performance and risk analysis

Dianyun Zhang

Multiscale modeling of composite materials, high temperature performance of ceramic matrix composites, experimental characterization of materials with microstructure, micromechanics of heterogeneous materials, and damage and fracture mechanics

Faculty Researcher

AREA: Advanced Manufacturing [top]

W. K. Anson Ma

Inkjet and 3D printing; rheology; nanotechnology; flexible electronics; polymer composites

Liang Zhang

Manufacturing systems, production control and management, battery management systems, stochastic systems modeling and control

Faculty Researcher

AREA: Biomedical [top]

Ki Chon

Biosignal processing, biomedical instrumentation, mobile health diagnostics, wearable sensors and devices, biomaterials, and identification and modeling of physiological systems.

Faculty Researcher

AREA: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering [top]

Kristina Wagstrom

Atmospheric chemistry, air pollution, exposure, computational modeling, aerosols, particles, sensor networks

Faculty Researcher

AREA: Education & Economic Development [top]

John Bau

Career Fairs, Job/Co-op/Internship Postings, Experiential Learning Collaborations, Company Information Sessions, On-Campus Interviewing, Campus Brand-Building Opportunities, On-Campus Recruiting, Networking

Afshin Ghiaei

Continuing education, online courses, distance education, customized programs, master of engineering, certificates, systems engineering, power engineering

Faculty Researcher

AREA: Energy [top]

Sung Park

Power electronics, smart energy and power conversion, microgrid, smart building power network, renewable integration, power conditioning system, grid-connected-inverter, battery energy conversion and management systems, building power systems and power quality

Luyi Sun

Multifunctional Nanostructured Hybrids, Nanomaterials, Polymer Composites and Nanocomposites, Polymer Processing, Green Science and Engineering, Energy Conversion and Storage, Layered Materials

Faculty Researcher

AREA: Environment [top]

Marina Astitha

Regional and global atmospheric modeling; Extreme weather events; Aerosol-cloud-radiation climatic feedback; Air pollution modeling in the regulatory setting

Faculty Researcher

AREA: High Performance Computer, Cybersecurity, Big Data [top]

Reda Ammar

Performance Engineering, Real-Time Systems, Distributed Systems, Under Water Processing Networks

Sanguthevar Rajasekaran

Big Data Analytics, High Performance Computing, Algorithms, Bioinformatics

Faculty Researcher

AREA: Materials (Bio, Energy, Manufacturing) [top]

Steven Suib

Adsorption, Ceramics, Catalysis, Coatings, Environmental Issues, Materials, Semiconductors, Spectroscopy, Synthesis.