Industry Open House -- November 5, 2015


The Industry Open House is designed to build bridges between industry leaders and UConn engineering faculty, and foster collaborations that can help businesses to innovate, improve, reduce costs and flourish. Last year’s event was a major success that brought nearly 70 faculty members together with industry leaders. The “speed-dating” portion of the Industry Open House allows industry professional to schedule meetings with specific faculty members. There will also be plenty of opportunities for casual networking among all attendees.

Our engineering faculty members are inventing new technologies that can help a company improve in crucial ways, including expanding product lines, streamlining processes and integrating systems. Learn how they can help your company.

So, come to Storrs for the Annual Engineering-Industry Open House, which will feature:

  • An open networking forum where you can explore faculty research expertise and speak informally with researchers, and

  • Scheduled speed-dating sessions with specific researchers

2015 Participating Faculty Information

View or download our 2015 Industry Open House Booklet(pdf)

Our 2015 booklet includes:

  • a welcome message from our dean,
  • our co-sponsors,
  • a legend for faculty poster boards,
  • a floor map,
  • the participating faculty with keywords associated with that faculty member and a brief description

Previous Participating Faculty Information Archive

View or download our 2014 Industry Open House Booklet(pdf)

View or download our 2013 Industry Open House Booklet(pdf)