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Faculty Profiles

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Faculty Member: Zhang, Peng
Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Affiliation: Center for Clean Energy Engineering
Excerpt: Dr. Zhang’s recent research interests include (1) Forecasting and managing of power system resilience and reliability, (2) Scalable microgrid technologies through fast speed networking and non-synchronous grid interconnection and (3) Smart ocean energy technologies for energy resiliency and efficiency in cyber-aquatic systems.
Categories | Keywords: Center for Clean Energy Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, fast speed programmable network, microgrid, power electronics, power system resilience and reliability, smart ocean technologies, wireless charging

Faculty Member: Zhang, Wei
Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering
Affiliation: Institute of Materials Science
Excerpt: Dr. Zhang’s research has been focused on structural dynamics and includes fluid-structure interactions, structural vibrations, fatigue and damage modeling, energy harvesting from structural vibrations. His main research falls into the following areas: (1) Modeling structural system in multi-scales under multiple hazards; (2) Mechanism and fabrication of energy harvesting devices from fluid induced vibrations; (3) System […]
Categories | Keywords: Civil and Environmental Engineering, damage modeling, fatigue and corrosion, fluid-structure interactions, Institute of Materials Science, life-cycle structural reliability and risk analysis, random vibrations, vehicle-bridge-wind-wave dynamics, wind/wave induced vibrations

Faculty Member: Zheng, Guoan
Department: Biomedical Engineering
Affiliation: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Excerpt: Dr. Guoan Zheng is an Assistant Professor at University of Connecticut. He earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Caltech in 2008 and 2013. He is the recipient of Lemelson-MIT Caltech Student Prize in 2011, and Caltech Demetriades Thesis Prize in 2013. His expertise lies in optical engineering, biophotonics, computational imaging, and lab-on-a-chip […]
Categories | Keywords: Biomedical Engineering, biophotonics, computational imaging, Electrical and Computer Engineering, lab-on-a-chip devices, microscopy, optical engineering

1 11 12 13