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Faculty Profile

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Name: Eric Jordan
Title: United Technologies Professor of Advanced Materials Processing
Affiliation: Institute of Materials Science
Department: Mechanical Engineering
E-Mail: jordan@engr.uconn.edu
Personal/Lab Website: http://www.ims.uconn.edu/eric-h-jordan/
Program/Department Website: http://me.engr.uconn.edu/faculty/jordan-eric/
Office Telephone: (860) 486-2371

Keywords | Categories: constitutive modeling, high temperature materials, Institute of Materials Science, life prediction, Mechanical Engineering, non-destructive evaluation of coatings, plasma spray, solution precursor plasma spray (SPPS), thermal barrier coatings

Professional Summary

Dr. Jordan currently has six funded projects, including three sponsored by industry.   One active area is the fabrication of coatings by plasma spray — primarily thermal barrier coatings for gas turbines — although one very successful coating project was a nano wear coating for the Navy that saved $25 million. In plasma spray, Dr. Jordan and colleges developed a new version of plasma spray SPPS that plays a key role in his coatings work. In addition to coating fabrications, turbine projects include finite element modeling of coatings with nonlinear materials models, life predictions of coatings, and non-destructive assessment of coatings with optical and x-ray tomography methods. Dr. Jordan has over 3900 citations of his published work by others.