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Faculty Profile

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Name: Faquir Jain
Title: Professor
Affiliation: Institute of Materials Science
Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering
E-Mail: fcj@engr.uconn.edu
Personal/Lab Website: http://www.ee.uconn.edu/site-info/labs/microlab/
Program/Department Website: http://www.ee.uconn.edu/faculty-staff-students/faculty/fac_jain/
Office Telephone: (860) 486-3752

Keywords | Categories: acoustic optic and electro optic modulator structures, blue green semi- conductor lasers, Electrical and Computer Engineering, microelectronic/optoelectronic devices and ICs, modeling of MOS gate SiGe MODFETS, multiple quantum well light valves/modulators and SLMs, optoelectronically triggered lasers, transport in quantum wires and dots

Professional Summary

Miniaturized wireless biosensors, that can be subcutaneously inserted using a syringe, are being developed to continuously monitor glucose and other analyte levels to manage diabetes.

Quantum dot superlattice (QDSL) structures for electronics (novel 2-bit FETs, SRAM and flash memories) and high efficiency solar cells.