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Faculty Profile

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Name: Kazunori Hoshino
Title: Assistant Professor
Affiliation: Institute of Materials Science
Department: Biomedical Engineering
E-Mail: hoshino@engr.uconn.edu
Personal/Lab Website: http://www.engr.uconn.edu/~hoshino/index.html
Program/Department Website: http://www.bme.uconn.edu/faculty-staff/core-faculty/21284-2
Office Telephone: (860) 486-4294

Keywords | Categories: Biomedical Engineering, Institute of Materials Science, microfluidic systems for disease detection and analysis, nano and micro electromechanical systems (NEMS/MEMS), nano and micro scale mechanical sensing and optical imaging, scanning probe microscopy

Professional Summary

Dr. Hoshino’s research interests include (1) microfluidic systems for detection and analysis of cancer cells, and (2) nano/micro-electro-mechanical systems (NEMS/MEMS) based mechanical sensing and optical imaging.

His microfluidic system successfully separated very rare circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from blood samples of more than 40 patients with breast, colon, prostate, and lung cancer. The system also allows for single-cell PCR analysis.

He has developed several types of silicon probes for optical imaging and force sensing. The probes are integrated with nanoscale light sources or force sensors for manipulation and measurements of live cells and microstructures in a microfluidic environment.