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Faculty Profile

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Name: Krystyna Gielo-Perczak
Title: Associate Professor in Residence
Department: Biomedical Engineering
E-Mail: krystyna.gielo-perczak@engr.uconn.edu
Personal/Lab Website: http://msml.uconn.edu/current-projects/
Program/Department Website: http://www.bme.uconn.edu/faculty-staff/core-faculty/gielo-perczak-krystyna
Office Telephone: (860) 486-0370

Keywords | Categories: biomechanics, Biomedical Engineering, human-factors engineering, medical and surgical devices, musculo-skeletal modeling, prosthesis design

Professional Summary

Dr. Gielo-Perczak’s research has been focused on the musculoskeletal system and the development and design of medical devices. Her current research interests include: (1) Biomechanics of the Human Body, (2) Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation, (3) Orthotic Biomechanics, (4) Human Centered Design, (5) Wearable Sensors Technology, (6) Prosthetic Biomechanics and (7) Robot–Aided Mobility. The recent research projects are concentrated on biomechanical simulation, biomechanics of shoulder, balance control, development of medical and surgical devices, ergonomics, human factors engineering and biomechanical modeling.