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Faculty Profile

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Name: Mukul Bansal
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Computer Science & Engineering
E-Mail: mukul@engr.uconn.edu
Personal/Lab Website: http://www.cse.uconn.edu/~mukul
Program/Department Website: http://www.cse.uconn.edu/
Office Telephone: 860-486-2572

Keywords | Categories: algorithms, bioinformatics, computational biology, Computer Science and Engineering, genomics, molecular evolution, phylogenetics

Professional Summary

Dr. Bansal develops new computational methods, efficient algorithms, and powerful software tools to help answer fundamental biological questions. He is especially interested in problems related to understanding the evolution of genes, genomes, and species. Some specific research projects include: (1) Inferring the evolution of microbial genomes and gene families to understand how microbes evolve and adapt, and (2) reconstructing highly accurate gene trees and whole-genome species trees for improving the accuracy of downstream comparative and functional genomic analyses. Potential commercial applications include understanding and improving the genetics of important food and commercial crops, and finding new drug targets for disease-causing microbes.