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Research Keyword: sensors

Faculty: Ammar, Reda
Department: Computer Science & Engineering
Excerpt: Hierarchical performance modeling to design real-time application with minimum resources and power consumption: Techniques to evaluate sequential and distributed systems have been investigated. Results were integrated in Hierarchical Performance Modeling System (HPMS) to provide a general-purpose methodology to support the development of the performance-oriented software applications including distributed objects and real-time systems. It provides quantitative […]
Categories | Keywords: Computer Science and Engineering, distributed systems, hierarchical performance modeling, Hierarchical Performance Modeling System (HPMS), real-time application, sensors, underwater sensor

Faculty: Lei, Yu
Department: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Excerpt: Dr. Lei’s research concentrates on the development of various (bio)sensors. Many areas of medicine, the environment, and food and agriculture – ranging from the diagnosis of disease to new drug discovery, screening and food safety, as well as pollutant monitoring – involve the detection of biological and chemical species. Dr. Lei aims at development of […]
Categories | Keywords: biocompatible materials, bionanotechnology, bioremediation, biosensor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, electrochemistry, environmental biotechnology, Institute of Materials Science, metal oxide fabrication, microfluidics, nanomaterials, sensors

Faculty: Rossetti, George A., Jr.
Department: Materials Science & Engineering
Excerpt: Dr. Rossetti’s research focuses on electroactive materials and devices. He manages the Active Materials Property Laboratory (AMPL) which houses facilities for processing monolithic and thin film materials, for the measurement of electrical, electromechanical and thermophysical properties, and for computational and experimental investigations of structural phase transformations in polar dielectrics. Current research topics include compositional design […]
Categories | Keywords: actuators, capacitors, ceramics, ferroelectrics, Institute of Materials Science, Materials Science and Engineering, piezoelectrics, pyroelectrics, sensors, thin films, transducers