The UConn Engineering research enterprise encompasses an expanding federal research portfolio, state-funded research and service initiatives, and major industrial partnerships–many of which undergird the Technology Park/ Innovation Partnership Building. Many projects are interdisciplinary and engage students and faculty across the university. The SoE’s scholarship, education, and outreach missions all depend on a vibrant research portfolio.

The School of Engineering is one of the most research-active schools at UConn. The school’s research expenditures have been consistent and increasing over the past five years. The SoE achieved a 40% increase in research expenditures between 2011 and 2017, reaching $34.7M in 2017, as reported by the Office of the Vice President for Research. These expenditures were augmented by research funds administered through the UConn Foundation and the UConn Health Center, bringing our total 2017 research expenditures to $47.7M. Our tenured and tenure-track faculty expended an average of $330K in external research funds in 2017.


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