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New Program Immerses Teens in STEM Challenges
Girls from junior high through high school sit at the pool’s edge, some dangling their feet in the water, all focused intently on operating underwat. . .
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Engineering Alumna Named to Board of Trustees
Originally Published: August 22, 2017 – Kristen Cole – UConn Communications Jeanine Armstrong Gouin ’87 (ENG), an alumna who has demonst. . .
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UConn, URI Win Navy Grant for Undersea Engineering Program
Two of New England’s flagship universities are teaming up with the U.S. Navy to provide a new opportunity for engineering undergraduates considering. . .
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When Less Oxygen Means Better Performance
Using a special milling process in an enclosed box filled with argon gas, UConn scientists, working in collaboration with researchers from North Carol. . .
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QCIC Forms Partnership Between Loos & Co. and UConn School of Engineering
QCIC, funded by the US Economic Development Administration (EDA), UConn, and Connecticut Innovations, enables business growth of small and medium-size. . .
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Alumni News
Keep up to date with news from engineering alumni!. . .
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Do YOUR How | Shar Govidian | TEDxUConn
Shar Govindan guides his audience through this inspiration roadmap and gives us compelling advice on how to successfully do your how now. . . .
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Global Warming is Increasing Rainfall Rates
The world is warming because humans are emitting heat-trapping greenhouse gases. . . .
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Metallurgy/MSE, Top 3rd Major With Highest Mid-Career Salary
The average mid-career salary for a Materials Science and Engineering major in 2016 was around $98,000. According to US News, Metallurgical Engineerin. . .
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New Executive Director of the UConn Tech Park
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Dr. S. Pamir Alpay, to serve as new Executive Director of the Innovation Partnership Building at the U. . .
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UConn School of Engineering Announces UConn-ZEISS Partnership and Introduces New Microscopy Center
The UConn School of Engineering announced the launch of a new UConn-ZEISS Partnership with the opening of a new, state of the art laboratory. . . .
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Computer Science Engineer Named Distinguished Professor
The Board of Trustees has named Sanguthevar Rajasekaran a University of Connecticut Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor, the highest honor that . . .
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Alumni News

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MSE Seminar Speaker - Dr. Mark Tschopp
Sept 8, 2017
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BME Seminar with Dr. Alissa M. Fitzgerald
Sept 8, 2017
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MSE Seminar Speaker - Dr. Erik Luijten
Sept 15, 2017
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MSE Seminar Speaker - Dr. Janet Callahan
Sept 22, 2017
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