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UConn Professor Maria Chrysochoou Discusses Brownfield Site Rehabilitation
UConn Associate Professor Maria Chrysochoou discusses how UConn students can help Connecticut towns rehabilitate old industrial sites.. . .
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New Mechanical Engineering Head
The mechanical engineering department has welcomed Professor Horea Ilies as its new department head.. . .
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Alumni News
Keep up with Engineering news from around the globe!. . .
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UConn Named to Advanced Robotics Manufacturing Institute
The initiative aims to increase small manufacturers’ use of robots by 500 percent. UConn researchers will focus on aerospace & shipbuilding robots.. . .
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Remembering Dr. Michael Howard
Dr. G. Michael Howard, 81, professor emeritus of chemical engineering, passed away on December 21, 2016.. . .
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New Material Promises Benefits to Deep Space Travel
A UConn researcher has developed a new shape memory material that can help send unmanned probes to distant star systems.. . .
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An Engineering Alumnus’ Journey From an Internment Camp to UConn
Engineering Alumnus Satoshi Oishi was forced into an internment camp as a teen during World War II, and later excelled at UConn.. . .
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New Monitor Can Detect Early Signs of Heart Disease
UConn biomedical engineering researchers are developing new heart monitors to improve early detection of an irregular heartbeat.. . .
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UConn Alumus Tells High School Students About His Engineering Journey
UConn Engineering alum Doug Shidler took part in a UConn recruiting event at North Haven High School.. . .
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UConn High Performance Computing with Dell EMC and Intel
UConn has partnered with Dell EMC and Intel to create a high performance computing cluster that students and faculty can use in their research. . . .
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MSE Seminar by Dr. Hillary Huttenhower
Feb 3, 2017
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Women in Family Business - Innovation Connection
Feb 15, 2017
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MSE Seminar by Dr. Edward Garboczi
Feb 17, 2017
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MSE Seminar by Dr. Susan Sinnott
Feb 24, 2017
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Law School for Engineers - Is this a Fit for You?
Mar 8, 2017
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Senior Design Day
April 28, 2017
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Commencement Ceremonies
May 6 ~ 9, 2017
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