School Honors Eleven
The School of Engineering celebrated the accomplishments of 11 alumni and friends during a gala awards banquet held on March 15, 2011. read more

Commencement: Save the Date!
The School of Engineering will hold commencement ceremonies for graduating undergraduates on Sunday, May 8 in the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts. Graduate students will celebrate commencement on Saturday, May 8. read more

Dr. Sung: Aiming for 21st Century Fuels and Engines
It seems the United States' dependence on oil for energy is a factor in myriad pressing problems, from foreign conflicts and environmental disasters to climate change. read more

From Engineering to Patent Judge
After graduating with an electrical engineering degree from UConn in 1993, Judge Jean R. Homere discovered by happenstance the field of patent law -- a field that he believes to be largely unknown among engineering students across the country, despite the many exceptional opportunities it stands to offer them. read more

Professor Leads Students in Microbial Research
"Engineering ought to be more widely recognized as a human service," remarked Dr. Leslie Shor. "An engineering education provides you with the right tools to understand problems and design solutions for issues such as protecting the environment and contributing to society." read more

Distinguished Alumni Speak of Career Highlights
On March 15th, two of UConn's 2011 Distinguished Engineers gave a special presentation to an audience of students, faculty and staff, on the subject of "Personal Accounts of Career Challenges and Successes." read more

From Internment Camp to Campus: Japanese-American Graduates Show Gratitude
They came from the beet fields of Idaho, the machine shops of Chicago, and from the diners of Waterbury. Young Nisei -- children of Japanese immigrants -- freed from the detention camps after World War II and working throughout the United States, now wanted a college education. Going to college was part of their culture. read more

Ilies Team Develops Cutting-edge VR System
Over the past two decades, industry and academia have been motivated to develop a practical virtual reality (VR) system for a variety of engineering, science, medical and defense applications. read more

UConn Engineers Without Borders: Making a Difference
On February 24, about 30 people gathered at the Student Union to recognize and celebrate the important work performed in the last year by the UConn chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB). Members of EWB presented their current projects and described the ways in which they are attempting to change the lives of people in some of the most impoverished communities in the world. read more

CTI Develops Crash Data Repository for Connecticut's Transportation Safety Professionals
Analysis of highway safety is probably the most data-intensive activity carried out by highway and transportation agencies and CTI is committed to providing a tool to help. read more

Alumni Notes
Stay in touch with fellow UConn engineering alumni. Visit http://www.engr.uconn.edu/alumni/ and fill us in on your latest activities or learn what your college friends are doing nowadays! read more


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