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New Master's Degree Offers Innovation/Management Focus
The School of Engineering, in partnership with the School of Business, has launched the Master of Engineering degree with a concentration in Innovation and Management (MENG -- IM). read more

UConn Alumnus Works to Bring 3D Measurements into the 21st Century
Imagine living in a society where credit cards and ID cards are obsolete. All that is needed to make a purchase is a fingerprint. read more

A Strategic Plan for Brownfield Redevelopment in Connecticut
A team of researchers associated with the Center for Transportation and Livable Systems is developing a decision support system that will help Connecticut's local and state governments develop a strategic plan for brownfield redevelopment in the state. read more

Engineering Problem, Solved with UTC Support
Engineering students know first-hand that engineering applies scientific concepts as tools in the creation of new and better products and services. read more

Students Work to Reduce Arsenic Poisoning in Bangladesh
In the 1970's, the World Health Organization (WHO) brought international attention to the microbial contamination of Bangladesh's ground water, which was a causal factor in widespread mortality and disease among the country's population. read more

Student Snap: Zachary Morek
When Zachary Morek was ten years old, he had a habit of using his free time to experiment with the application codes on his sister's TI 83 calculator. Always interested in computing devices, in high school he made sure to sign up for computer science courses. read more

Dr. Maric: Advancing Low-Temp Fuel Cell Technology
In an effort to radically improve the stability and durability of fuel cells and batteries, Dr. Radenka Maric works tirelessly on her innovative manufacturing process that will redefine the development and cost potential for battery cells nationwide. read more

Students Honored During Engineers Week
The School of Engineering celebrated its outstanding undergraduate and graduate students during a gala evening ceremony on February 22nd. read more

CTI T2 Center Helps Transportation Professionals Become Effective Leaders
A comprehensive leadership training program aimed at producing great transportation leaders has been developed by The Connecticut Transportation Institute's Techology Transfer Center (T2 Center). read more


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