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Class of 2011 Celebrated
In early May, the School of Engineering honored the achievements of over 435 undergraduate students and nearly 185 graduate students who were awarded ... read more

Network! The Innovation Connection
Mark your calendar and be sure to attend the next Innovation Connection networking event on Thursday, May 26, 2011. The program will kick off with... read more

Eli Dabora: UConn's Combustion Pioneer
In response to the USSR's successful 1957 launch of the Sputnik space capsule into orbit around the Earth, a year later the U.S. established its own s... read more

Investigating the Growth of Biofilms
UConn undergraduate Leonela Villegas and graduate researcher Jinzi Deng have been working together, combining their mutual inter... read more

Team to Sequence Poultry Viruses
An interdisciplinary team of researchers from UConn and Georgia State University received more than $400,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (... read more

Center is Honored for Service to Public Works Community
The Connecticut Technology Transfer Center (T2 Center) was honored this week for their service to Connecticut's Public Works Community. . . read more

Environmental Engineering Student Wins Support for Nicaragua Project
In 2006, a scholarship fund was set up to honor Katie Bu, an Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management and Engineerin... read more

Come to Alumni Weekend June 3-4!
Come back to UConn and celebrate Alumni Weekend next month with friends and family! Reconnect with school chums, rediscover the scenic and increasing... read more

CPTV Films in Dr. Parnas' Biodiesel Lab
Dr. Richard Parnas, director of the University's Biofuel Consortium, hosted a film crew from Connecticut Public Television (CPTV) in April. The CPTV ... read more

Researchers Study Protozoa Migration
Two UConn students are investigating the possibility that protozoa, single-cell organisms, communicate among themselves via chem... read more

Tech Park Plans Unveiled at Design Demo Day
On Friday, April 29th, the School of Engineering held its first all-school senior design demonstration day, uniting all of the graduating seniors and ... read more

Alumni Notes
Stay in touch with fellow UConn engineering alumni. Visit http://www.engr.uconn.edu/alumni/ and fill us in on your latest activities or learn what you... read more

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