Droplet Flame Extinguishment in Microgravity (FLEX)

Dean of Engineering Mun Y. Choi is an investigator on a NASA grant aimed at examining the burning behavior of isolated fuel droplets under microgravity conditions. Read More

Government-Industry-Academic Collaboration Improves Jet Engine Performance

Faculty from the Mechanical Engineering Department are conducting research that will improve flame stability in fighter jet afterburners, which are used to attain greater thrust during critical combat exchanges or during short-distance take-offs, such as those from an aircraft carrier. Read More

New Engineering Building to be Built

Dean of Engineering Mun Y. Choi announced that a new Engineering building will be constructed on the Storrs campus by 2013. Steady growth in undergraduate enrollments, the need for expanded high-tech research space, and success in securing a number of high profile national research centers have heightened pressures on the School to expand. Read More

Melissa Jacques: Volunteerism, Leadership Lauded

The majority of engineering students engage in internships during their undergraduate years that enrich their education and provide unparalleled opportunities for real-world experience. Read More

Clinical & Translational Medicine

Three years ago, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) began its Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) program to speed up the translation of scientific research into practical applications in the medical field. Read More

Student Team to Help Power Plant Improve Performance

Three engineering students, overseen by Chemical Engineering professor Douglas Cooper, began a research study over the summer aimed at helping the UConn power plant attain greater performance efficiencies. Read More

Iconic UConn

Can you identify the building appearing in this historic photograph? (Hint: It may be found near the UConn campus.)

If you recognize this building, you may be eligible to win one of three prizes that will be awarded for the correct response.

To participate in the drawing, send us an e-mail today giving us your best guess of the building�s familiar name and location. We�ll notify you if you were one of the three lucky people selected from among those who correctly identified the building.

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