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University of Connecticut School of Engineering EAGLES: Engineers As Global Leaders for Energy Sustainability

Thesis and Faculty

Thesis offered to students of the EAGLEs project
The following is a list of the thesis works offered, each one with the names of the tutors at the three universities involved.

Thesis Title POLIMI Supervisor
UPM Supervisor
UConn Supervisor
1. Performance evaluation of waste gasification plants Stefano Consonni Encarnacion Rodriguez George Bollas
2. State-of-the-art and comparative evaluation of large scale biomass gasification plants Stefano Consonni George Bollas
Richard Parnas
3. Opitmal sizing of biomass-fired plants for electricity production of cogeneration Stefano Consonni Angel Jimenez
Celina Gonzalez
George Bollas
Richard Parnas
4. Evolving electricity distribution networks towards Smart grids Maurizio Delfanti Sergio Martinez Sung-Yeul Park
Peter Luh
Bing Wang
5. Incentives for Renewable Energy Sources: some EU experiences Maurizio Delfanti Ignacio Lopez
Alberto Abandes
Sung-Yeul Park
Peng Zhang
Wilson Chiu
6. Renewable Energy Sources and electricity transmission networks Maurizio Delfanti Sergio Martinez Sung-Yeul Park
Peng Zhang
7. Acid gas purification by amine washing: the choice of a suitable solvent for energy saving Laura Annamaria Pellegrini Richard Parnas
Radenka Maric
8. Advanced computational methods for the reliability analysis and optimization of complex industrial systems Enrico Zio Wilson Chiu
Kazem Kazerounian
9. Advanced computational methods for prognostic health managements of industrial equipment Piero Baraldi Peter Willet
Krishna Pattipati
Chun-Hsi Suang
Sanguthevar Rajasekaran
10. Uncertainty analysis for industrial risk decision making Pedroni Kazen Kazerounian
11. Kinematics analysis for Stirling engines for micro cogeneration Paolo Pennacchi Kazem Kazerounian
Horea Ilies
12. Dynamics model for hydrio power plants Paolo Pennacchi Peter Luh
Jiong Tang
13. Multiphysics modeling and simulation of Stirling engines Paolo Pennacchi Hanchen Huang
Horea Ilies
14. Theoretical and experimenta, analysis of micro-cogenerators based upon fuel cells Ennio Macchi Prabhakar Singh
Radenka Maric
Ugur Pasaogullari
15. Technical and economic comparison of performance of advanced CSPs. (Concentrating Solar Plants) Ennio Macchi Ignacio Lopez Alex Agrios
16. CCS (Carbon Capture Storage) systems based on mineralization Ennio Macchi George Ballos
Timothy Vadas
Prabhakar Singh
Prod. Radenka Maric
17. Characterization of the performance of the flow path of turbomachinery components Osnaghi Baki Cetegen
Michael Renfro
18. 1D/3D simulation of I.C. engine silencers Angelo Onorati Horea Ilies
19. Atmospheric levels and emissions from stationary heat and power production sources of ultrafine and nanoparticles Stefano Cemuschi Maria Chrysochoou
20. State-of-the-art and comparative evaluation of BAT flue gas/treatment systems for waste and biomass energy production Stefano Cemuschi Baikun Li
Tianfeng Lu
21. Environmental comparative evaluation of integrated management options for energy and material recovery from urban wastes Stefano Cemuschi Baikun Li
Maria Chrysochoou
22. Onboard power generation based on cool solid propellants Luigi De Luca Ugur Pasaogullari
Radenka Maric
23. Onboard power generation based on green hybrid propellants Luigi De Luca Jiong Tang
Nejat Olgac
Robert Gao
24. Spacecraft attitude control based on solid propellant cartridges. Hybrid propulsion for suborbital aerospace vehicles Luigi De Luca Jiong Tang
Nejat Olgac
Robert Gao
25. Gaseous rockets for space debris deorbiting Luigi De Luca Jiong Tang
Robert Gao
26. Models of PhotoVoltaic systems for deep space missions Franco Bernelli A. F. Mehdi Anwar
27. Technical comparision of performance of Biomass synthesis gas fired powered plants Angel Jimenez
Rafael Nieto
George Bollas
Richard Parnas
28. Hybridation of CO2-free energy technologies A. Abanades Yong Wang
29. Evaluation of solar thermal power plant configuration in function of solar multiple and storage capacity A. Abanades Alex Agrios
30. Analysis of thermal storage options for solar thermal electricty production A. Abanades Baki Cetegen
31. Stability issues in microgrids and weak electrical networks with wind generation Sergio Martinez Peng Zhang
Sung-Yeul Park
32. Stability issues in ocean wave power plants Sergio Martinez Peng Zhang
Sung-Yeul Park